Neuschwanstein Castle

New Beginnings

Neuschwanstein Castle is very old. But it originates from Hohenschwangau Castle, the castle in which Ludwig the II of Bavaria was raised in Neuschwanstein began its construction in 1869. King Ludwig wanted to replace the old castle and improve it with what was currently modern design.
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Why It Was Constructed

While it had many reasons it was built, it did have a few main reasons. One of the reasons it had been constructed was as I said earlier, was to replace and improve Hohenschwangau the castle which he had been raised. He also wanted to make his kingdom to look like a fairytale kingdom like in the old German fairytales. He also wanted to make the kinddom look as if it it were blessed by God.
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Effects and History of Neuschwanstein Castle

The castle was completed before Ludwig could fully experience the castle. He moved in before it was completed, the castle was missing entire floors. He died in the castle, also, the castle costed Bavaria vast amounts of money. It made the kingdom go bankrupted. It is now a museum.