Infant Brain Development

Vic Cummings

Keep it simple and natural

Keeping it simple can include changing diapers and cuddling with your baby. These simple activities build the pathways between neurons. An example would be to maybe make a funny face while changing her diaper so they have multiple experiences.

Match experiences to the child's mental abilities

Babies can not understand things like adults can so we must understand and adapt to the way they learn. Giving them a baby toy with colors on it can help them play while learning. For example, giving the child hard math problems would not help a baby learn but a toy that is colorful will help a baby learn.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more repetition anyone has the better they learn that skill. For example, teaching a baby colors can be repeated every night and eventually the baby will learn the colors.

Actively involve the baby

When you have a baby you must share your experiences with him or her so they learn just as much as you do. For example, if you go to a family party and bring the baby the baby is interacting with everyone and learning social skills.

Provide Variety, But do not overload

A baby must see many different things but too many can overwhelm a baby. For Example, Instead of introducing a baby to 20 new foods a day you can introduce the baby to 2 new foods a day.

Avoid Pushing the child

Do not push a child into what you want them to do. A child learns best when they are interested in what they are doing. For example, if the child likes basketball let them play basketball but not football if they don't like it.

For Memory

Wild blueberries are found to increase memory and attention for kids and everyone. i Found this on