Friday Coffee Chat!

Shining Diamonds

June 9, 2017

Happy FRIDAY Shining Diamonds!!!

Summer is here and tis the season for PLANTING seeds and watching your gorgeous flowers grow! Just like our gardens, our businesses need nourishment and positivity to continually grow and SPROUT! We may have a week where we see no change, no responses, but then the magic happens! SEEDS SPROUT and your business soars! This business is all about making connections, sticking with them and following through. Keep believing that YOU are planting SEEDS everywhere YOU GO!


Stef xo

Making WAVES this JUNE!!!

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Top TEN for the WEEK!

WOW!!!!!! Congrats Michelle for earning your 30% commission by the 9th of the month!

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Week ONE Challenge! BOOK one more!

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Watch WEEK ONE'S challenge!!!

***Book ONE MORE JUNE (IN HOME or ONLINE!) show by Monday! Participate in the Home Office Power Blitz tomorrow! Reach out and make WAVES!!! Post your new booked show HERE by Monday the 12th. will be a mystery! But watch the video to see what am giving away!

Check it out!! This ranks the ENTIRE company of NEW STYLISTS in their Jumpstarts...our very own Michelle Fernandez is #3 for June for all of S&D!! Now that is pretty awesome!!


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How will you MAKE WAVES this weekend?

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