Ozark Mountains

By: Gabriela Morales


The Ozark Mountains are very well known around the world. They occupy 50,00 square miles. There three different plateaus of the mountains. The highest on is 2,600 ft. The mountains are all part of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and part of Kansas. {Links: www.britannica.com http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net www.encyclopedia.com www.nps.gov/ozark/historycolture/index.htm

3 Plateaus (Boston, Springfield, Salem)

The first plateau of the Ozark is the Boston Plateau. It is the highest mountain out of all three other ones, standing at 2,600 ft! In the mountain there were several rivers such like White, Buffalo, King's, Mulberry, Big Piney, and Little Red Rivers.

The second plateau is Springfield Plateau. The elevation is 1,800 ft! The mountain's rock is limestone and flint-like. Some of the parts of the mountain is easily by water. Some of the the rivers that run through it is the White River and the Buffalo National River.

The last plateau is Salem. This is the smallest plateau at of all three, standing at 1,500 ft! The mountain is described as rocky and forest like. There's caves through out the mountain even though the rock is limestone and dissolves easily there's still caves present.