FFA Timeline

Reed Robinette

1917- The Smith-Hughes National Vocational Education Act

-People who severed in WW1 had a agricultural job they couldn't have for sure when they came back from the war


1929- National blue and corn gold adopted as official colors.

As the blue field of our nation's flag and the golden fields of corn unify our country, the FFA colors of national blue and corn gold give unity to the organization.

-US and Canada agree to preserve Niagara falls

1930- Official FFA Creed written by E.M. Tiffany

- Creed Written as a motto for FFA to Follow as guidelines and leadership

- Pluto was Discovered

1935- Active FFA membership exceeded 100,000 members

- New Farmers of America is founded in Tuskegee, Alaska

- 1st Sugar Bowl & 1st Orange Bowl

1942 • During World War II, when tens of thousands of FFA members served in the armed services

- A committee meeting in 1942 only 242 people attended because the rest were serving in the war


1944- 138,548 FFA members were serving in the Armed Services in World War II.

- Extremely Patriotic Group of individuals


1948- membership from 238,269 in 1947 to 260,300 in 1948

- The popularity of the group is spreading


1957 - Former President Harry S. Truman spoke during the national convention.

-Very powerful people Admire the Group and have been a part of it.

-FBI arrests Jack & Myra Sobel, charged with spying for USSR,cold war tension starting up.