December Jobs & Opportunities Blast

Summer Principals Academy - New York City


Summer Principals Academy Students and Alumni:

We know you're all doing great things in your schools and communities. We also know you're always looking for new challenges, and new challenges are looking for you. To that end, take a look at the latest job opportunities for committed educators like yourselves. Contact information accompanies each posting, but please do not hesitate to let us know if there's any way we can support your next career move.

If you'd like to see opportunities at your school included in this blast, please send a short blurb to SPA Assistant Director, Caroline Wachtler at

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Each year we strive to bring together as passionate and diverse a cohort as possible. Our greatest resources in doing so are our current students and alumni. You all know SPA and are on the ground working with the emerging leaders that could contribute most to the 2016 cohort.

Please take a moment to recommend a colleague for the incoming cohort. You may use the link as many times and recommend as many people as you would like.


Instructional Coaches: High School Renewal Schools (NY)

Positions: Teacher Assigned A - Instructional Coach – Math and Science (Multiple positions) and Teacher Assigned A - Instructional Coach – Humanities (Multiple positions) School Renewal Program/Office of School Renewal


- Licensed, appointed, and tenured NYCDOE teacher with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience


Under the direction of the Director of High School Renewal Schools, and as a critical member of the Office of Renewal Schools team, the Instructional Coach – will work closely with a Director for School Renewal, a High School Principal, his/her leadership team and the leadership coach to engage teachers in ongoing professional development and growth focused on curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The Instructional Coach will directly work with a group of teachers to support the implementation of the annual evaluation, improvement and support cycle, which includes self-assessment, goal-setting, gathering a body of evidence, and the use of a comprehensive rubric to help guide the ongoing cycle of school improvement. Performs related work.

Applications: Cover letter and resume should be sent by December 10, 2015 to:

Leadership Opportunities: Ednovate (CA)

Founding Principal and AP Roles at Ednovate: Ednovate Charter Schools is seeking Founding Principals for two new sites in Southern California. This position is a full time School Design Residency for school year 2016-17, with school to open for 9th graders in fall of 2017. We also seek an AP and Dean of Students for our founding team at Ednovate College Prep in Santa Ana. To apply for these exciting opportunities within an innovative network that is personalizing college prep education in Southern California, visit

Ednovate is a charter management organization formed in partnership with USC that currently operates 3 high schools in Southern California, aiming to see 100% of our students accepted to selective enrollment universities. Through our unique approach of building college-ready mindsets, personalizing learning with technology and instilling a deep sense of purpose in our students, we seek to make a positive multigenerational change in our communities and world.

School Leader Fellowship: Equitas (CA)

School Leader Fellowship

Equitas Academy provides a structured, achievement-based community that prepares students to graduate from four-year colleges and universities. We currently operate two Elementary Schools and a Middle School, with moderate growth expected in the future. We are seeking our next passionate School Leader to shadow our existing School Directors, with the intent to open our next school. This is a unique opportunity to build capacity as you gear up to becoming a School Director.


Assist in the day-to-day operations of running the school, including:

· Student behavior support and outreach to families

· Adult culture building

· Planning and facilitation of weekly professional development sessions

· Observation/feedback cycles and coaching with teachers

· Student enrollment

· School operations

· Student achievement data analysis

· Strategic decision making as part of the Leadership Team

· Special projects support at the Middle School

· Other duties as assigned

More information can be found on our website at

Assistant Principal: Rocketship (CA, TN, WI, DC)

Do you have a strong desire to deepen your content elementary expertise? Are you an educator who empowers those around you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Rocketship Education has an amazing opportunity just for you. We are now accepting applications for our 2016-17 Elementary Assistant Principal positions. All Assistant Principals participate in ongoing professional development and coaching that will enable them to successfully run high-performing Rocketship schools in existing or new regions. Placements available in San Jose, CA, Nashville, TN, Milwaukee, WI, and Washington DC. Online applications may be found here. All applications received by December 23rd will be considered for our February interviews. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Denice Leong, (, Director of Talent Recruitment.

Head of School: Khan Lab School (CA)


KLS is excited to launch a search for its first full-time Head of School. This individual will be responsible for the day-to-day workings of the school including: managing and supporting teachers and other staff; interfacing with parents and other stakeholders; ensuring consistent execution of the instructional program; and communicating regularly with the Board and others around the school’s design and implementation. The ideal candidate will come from a strong school leadership background in either the public or private school sector. S/he will have led a high-performing school that is pushing the envelope of what is possible in the areas of project-based learning, personalization, and the integration of technology and design thinking practices into traditional “school.” S/he also will have worked closely with parents and other stakeholders to drive forward an educational vision and knows how to inspire and support teachers in pushing the bounds of student learning.

The Head of School’s key responsibilities include:

Serving as the “Educator-in-Chief,” with a deep understanding of how to foster a rigorous, engaging, joyful, and personalized instructional environment for students and teachers alike and an ability to support faculty in leveraging these practices with every student, every day;

Leading the vision for KLS’ community success, including ensuring that its instructional program, school culture and climate, community engagement, and external partnerships are tightly aligned to the school mission and goals;

Managing school leaders and other instructional staff, acting not only as a supervisor but also as a coach and consensus builder, remaining deeply committed to the value of developing and bringing out the strengths of all its people while also holding them accountable for their goals and student success;

Partnering with the Board of Directors, funders, and other partners to secure and allocate the resources and supports necessary to maintain the health of the school organization, remaining solutions-oriented and grounded in reality as needed while pushing the boundaries of what is possible to realize the highest levels of success for all students and their families;

Inspiring students, faculty, families, and other partners to be their best selves every day, always keeping the community’s moral compass pointing in the right direction, and ensuring an unyielding focus at all times on what is best for KLS’ students and their futures.

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the ideal Head of School candidate will be:

An accomplished educator with a minimum of 5-7 years demonstrated success as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, and/or school leader in a variety of settings.

Interested in and committed to a personalized, project-based K-12 instructional model focused on deep learning and rigorous measurement, excited by its possibilities and believing in its promise for helping students reach their potential.

Inspiring in their management style, with experience leading leaders; one who sees the possibility in all adults and is willing to devote time to coach and develop them while holding them accountable to measurable results.

Culturally competent and a self-reflective leader who is committed to building a learning environment composed of a diverse student population and able to relate well with people from different ethnic, religious, and class backgrounds.

Skilled in strategic planning, project management, and organization; able to balance a focus on big picture priorities while not losing sight of the details.

Dynamic and versatile, able to engage a variety of individuals and speak in a clear, compelling, and authentic manner about the school’s goals and priorities without confusing or alienating community stakeholders.


Please submit a resume, thoughtful cover letter, and names/contract information for up to three references (will not be contacted without notice) addressed to the Khan Lab School Head of School Hiring Committee via e-mail by clicking the 'Apply Now' below. For additional questions or more information, feel free to contact Christina Legg Greenberg or at 510.575.9635.

The Founders Fellowship (MA)

What if you could found, design and lead a school that had the best of districts (integral supports enabling your team to serve all students) and the best of charters (essential autonomies to set forth your vision for advancing student achievement)?

The Challenge:

You - a promising school leader - have seen the failure of the two major paths to transforming America’s lowest-performing schools.

You’ve seen the best of district reform efforts realize only incremental gains, largely because of cumbersome bureaucratic policies. You’ve witnessed the best charter schools realize impressive results, but lack the supports to take these isolated gains to scale.

But what if you didn’t have to choose one path or the other?

What if there was a third way to improve schools, at the intersection of support and autonomy?

Would you stand at that intersection, to change the life trajectories of students who need you the most?

A Solution:

The Founders Fellowship from Empower Schools seeks visionary, disciplined and courageous individuals to found, design, and lead new middle schools in Springfield, Massachusetts. Your school would launch in the Fall of 2016 with about 100 students in 6th grade, and then grow into a middle school serving about 300 students.

Your school would offer some of the biggest advantages of district schools – facilities, centralized operational and logistical supports, and the ability to have your school be part of a district structure – along with the important freedoms offered by charter schools, including autonomy over calendar, schedule, budget, curriculum, professional development, and staffing configuration.

Through the Founders Fellowship:

· You will have access to best-in-class trainings, so that the design of your new middle school centers around one goal: dramatically improving educational opportunities for all of your students.

· You will receive in-depth coaching in the development of the instructional, curricular, cultural, and operational systems that will define your school.

· You will apprentice in a residency within a high-performing school, shadowing a leader who is realizing path-breaking outcomes.

· You will work diligently on a calendar of goals – for the selection of curriculum and assessments, for the hiring of your sixth grade team, for the development of community support, for the construction of a budget, and for planning of strong teacher and student orientations, just to name a few – guided and propelled forward by the Empower Schools team.

Who You Are:

Neither prior school leadership nor licensure in educational administration are prerequisites for the Founders Fellowship. However, we are looking for leaders that have:

· A basic knowledge of the type of school that you want to found, design and lead.

o Fellows receive considerable support and training from the start of the Founders Fellowship (January 15, 2016) until the first day of their new school (late August 2016) that builds off of their visions for strong middle schools. Successful candidates to the Founders Fellowship, therefore, must possess a rudimentary image of the cultural and curricular core of their proposed schools.

· A hunger to better your professional self, driven by humility and ambition.

o Leaders of new schools do not kid themselves about what they do and do not know; they challenge themselves to shore up weaknesses until the weaknesses are strengths. Successful candidates to the Founders Fellowship, therefore, must be learners first and leaders second.

· A vision aligned to Empower School’s belief that all students can achieve at high level.

o High-performing schools draw on a diversity of design models, and yet there is a common element in each of these schools: a team that believes in high expectations for student performance. Successful candidates for the Founders Fellowship, therefore, must galvanize teams around a vision that there are no ceilings to student learning.

· An ability to clearly communicate and generate buy-in from a wide array of stakeholders.

o Fellows put together sophisticated school plans that address both the strategic (mission and vision) and the tactical (scheduling, classroom transitions, etc.). The effectiveness of these school plans, however, will hinge on how well Fellows articulate their plans to respective audiences - staff, students, parents and the broader Springfield community. Successful candidates to the Founders Fellowship, therefore, must communicate with ease and purpose.

All Fellows receive a stipend for their planning work. The size of the stipend will be dependent upon whether or not the candidate is able to participate full-time (preferable) or part-time (also considered). A uniquely qualified candidate could complete the Founders Fellowship, while maintaining employment elsewhere.

How to Apply:

Please send résumé and statement of interest by December 15th to Kate Anderson at

Teachers: Atlas Preparatory School (CO)

At Atlas Prep, all students will embrace self-fulfillment through the three pillars of success: education, character and community, so that they can pursue their best self. We are a 5 through 12 charter school that educates the whole child, and no matter what path our students take to or beyond Atlas Prep, they take the most important thing with them: the ability to be successful and become their highest potential.

We are shifting the paradigm for the educator, offering sustainable work days, professional compensation packages, and autonomy in the classroom. Teaching is a profession, and at Atlas we esteem educators because the highest paid individuals at our organization are classroom teachers. It's time to change the American paradigm of education. Join us.

Grades 5-8 Teacher

Atlas Preparatory School seeks Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade faculty in the following areas: History, Math, Reading, Science, Writing, Special Education. Teachers will teach a full load of classes, collaborate with grade-level team, and maintain effective communication with advisee families.

Founding High School Teacher

Atlas Preparatory School seeks Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grade faculty in the following areas: Foreign Language, History, Math, Reading, Science, Writing, Technology, Construction, Art, and Special Education. Teachers will teach a full load of classes, collaborate with grade-level team, and maintain effective communication with advisee families.

English Teacher: Energy Tech (NY)

Energy Tech, a P-tech High School in Long Island City, Queens is looking for an English teacher for a January to June maternity leave replacement with the possibility of a permanent position. Candidates can contact principal Hope Barter at

Mind Trust (Indianapolis)

Do you have a "break-the-mold" idea for a charter school? The Mind Trust is seeking individuals or teams to present ideas for new, transformative school models at the School Design Competition in Indianapolis in April 2016. Apply for a $10,000 planning grant to develop your idea and compete for $50,000 to make your design a reality. Help us rethink the model! Apply here.

Charter School Design Challenge. Through the Design Challenge, we seek to create the next wave of charter schools by identifying the nation's most innovative social entrepreneurs and encouraging them to design transformational charter school models that have never before been tried. In order to start the conversation, we’re hosting our inaugural School Design Competition to bring together passionate educators, entrepreneurs, innovators and designers to identify truly break-the-mold school models.

Applicants to the competition are eligible to apply for a $10,000 planning grant to assist them in developing their ideas. The winner of the competition will receive a $50,000 grant to refine their plan in anticipation of submitting it to The Mind Trust's full Charter School Design Challenge. The Mind Trust will ultimately award $250,000 grants to four never before seen school models to launch in Indianapolis.

Do you have an idea for an innovative school model? The Mind Trust is now recruiting for its third class of fellows to help launch high-quality, autonomous schools within the Indianapolis’s largest school district. Be part of this cutting edge partnership that offers new schools low to no cost facilities. For more information or to apply, click here.

Innovation School Fellowship. We seek talented leaders to launch high-quality, autonomous schools within our city’s largest school district. Innovation School Fellows have the unprecedented opportunity to launch schools that have the freedoms, flexibilities, and autonomies of charter schools and the financial support and services of district schools, including a school building at little to no cost. Additionally, Fellows receive one or two years of full salary, healthcare, and benefits to develop their school model, during which they receive significant support from The Mind Trust.

Principal - Ryan Fellowship (Nationwide)

The Ryan Fellowship is a highly individualized principal development and coaching program designed to support new principals in autonomous schools across the country. Ryan Fellows undergo a rigorous selection process (with about an 8% acceptance rate) before completing a one-year paid Fellowship which includes Accelerate Summer Institute (in partnership with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University) and a 6-month Field Study at an autonomous school in their region. The Fellowship year is followed by two years of ongoing training and advisory support during the Fellows’ first two years as principals.

Ryan Fellow principals have had strong success in accelerating academic achievement for their students. For example, high school students at Ryan Fellow-led schools more than doubled their reading growth (2.2 years) compared to their national peers (1 year) based on 2014-15 Lexile growth; and K-8 students at Ryan Fellow-led schools grew 68% in math and 60% in ELA on the NWEA assessment (compared to the national average of 50% for both math and ELA).

If you would like more information about The Ryan Fellowship, please contact Stephanie Shear, Director of Talent, at You can also schedule a time to connect over the phone by using this link (please make sure you click “confirm” and receive a confirmation email).

Principal - South High School (CO)

South High School, one of Denver Public Schools eight comprehensive high schools, has an active parent/community presence, solid academic achievement, and a strong sports culture.

They are seeking a dynamic experienced HS leader (strong preference for someone with principal experience) with results moving the achievement gap for ELL and low-income students and the ability to work with an engaged parent/community group.

Interested or have any nominations? Contact Ron Rapatalo at

Learn more about DPS here:

Principal - Phalen Leadership Academy (IN)

- Do you get up every morning humming “Eye of the Tiger”?

- Is every day a “go get ‘em"day?

- Do you thrive on challenge?

- Do you regularly deliver on the next-to-impossible?

- Does team success=scholar success?

- Are you an innovator who yearns to have a real impact?

- Are you ready to lead your community of families, scholars, and staff with distinction, empathy and honor?

If you self-identify with all of the above, consider yourself PLA ready! If you are seeking a high-spirited, positive, entrepreneurial environment with the opportunity to grow in a stable and collaborative environment, join the Phalen Leadership Academies team.

Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA) has a proven track record of innovation, precedence and success:

- CEO and Founder, Earl Martin Phalen is a nationally recognized social entrepreneur

- PLA is one of the first Indianapolis network to launch with cutting edge blended-learning focus

- PLA is the winner of the prestigious Mind Trust Innovation School Fellowship

- PLA is the first network to launch an Indianapolis Innovation School

- Culture, community and connection is a part of our winning philosophy which sets us apart.

Position Location: Indianapolis, IN (relocation incentive available for right hire)

The Principal of Phalen Leadership Academy is a founding leader and responsible for leading and developing a high performing faculty who will prepare our students. The principal is responsible for managing and overseeing all functions of the school site including the 2016 foundational planning, the August 2017 launch, all aspects of the instructional program, school environment, and the operational and fiscal well being of the school.

To apply, please visit and complete online application. Questions? Contact Helen Dixon, Director of Recruitment @ or 312.623.5180.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we will contact those candidates with whom we are able to schedule interviews. Phalen Leadership Academies is an equal opportunity employer. For other opportunities available with Phalen Leadership Academies, please visit the website at

Common Core Resource: Math Maze

Math Maze provides a way for learners to practice math skills and strategies in an exciting gaming environment. Students can play in groups of 2 - 6 and before they realize it, they are actually learning math while having tons of fun. What makes Math Maze unique is that the game removes resistance to learning math and most importantly helps players build their Math-Esteem. If you want your students to excel in mathematic, then you need the Math Maze game because it will help your students develop math skills and a healthy attitude about their ability to do math. For more information visit

Trainings for NY Certification at Teachers College

DASA (Dignity for All Students Act)
School Violence Prevention & Intervention
Child Abuse Identification & Reporting

DASA (Dignity for All Students Act)
Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention.
All new teachers and school-related professionals applying for New York State certification must take this state mandated 6-hour workshop in accordance with Article 2 Sections 10-18 of the Education Law. This workshop meets the Dignity for All Students (DASA) training requirement of the NYS Education Department for state certification.

Register today, seats are limited.

School Violence Prevention & Intervention
All applicants for certification are required to complete 2 clock hours of coursework or training in school violence prevention and intervention in accordance with section 3004 of the Education Law. This training is available from Teachers College, Columbia University who is a provider approved by the New York State Education Department.

Register today, seats are limited.

Child Abuse Identification & Reporting
All applicants for certification are required to complete 2 clock hours of coursework or training regarding the identification and reporting of suspected child abuse and maltreatment in accordance with Sections 3003(4) and 3004 of the Education Law. This training is available from Teachers College, Columbia University who is a provider approved by the New York State Education Department.

Register today, seats are limited.

Continuing Professional Studies Events at TC

Reading Buildings/Reading History: Integrating Literacy Skills Through Historical Building Analysis

In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop historical thinking skills through the analysis of historical buildings. We will draw upon literacy theory and practice to show how the process of historical building analysis supports students’ development of higher order thinking skills and meets CCSS standards. Requirements for participants: Participants must be able to go on a walking tour of at least 10 city blocks. Extensive knowledge of architecture not necessary for this workshop.

BRUSHES WITH HISTORY: Imagination and Innovation in Art Education History


Mark your calendar now for this important conference intended to provide a

forum for the presentation and discussion of ideas, issues, information, and

research approaches utilized within the historical investigation of art education.

Conference - Health Disparities, Trauma, Disruptive and Criminal Behaviors and the Adolescent Brain

Teachers College, Columbia University is proud to host and co-sponsor with The NYSPA Division of Neuropsychology, Pediatric Neuropsychology Committee: Health Disparities, Trauma, Disruptive and Criminal Behaviors and the Adolescent Brain

This one day interdisciplinary conference examines: neurobiological development and developmental changes in adolescent cognitive competence and behavioral self-control; the impact of biopsychosocial trauma upon developing executive functions; appropriate treatment and criminal justice system responses to adolescent disruptive and criminal behaviors; and, policy implications for juvenile justice system reform.

The Sexuality, Women and Gender in Psychology and Education Certificate

Founded in 2012, The Sexuality, Women and Gender Project at Teachers College, Columbia University was created by three leading Professors, Drs. Aurelie Athan, Melanie Brewster and Riddhi Sandil. Their hope is to envision and implement the next wave of theories and practices to improve the well-being for LGBTQ individuals and women. Beginning Fall 2015, the SWG Project will be offering the first New York State approved certificate program of its kind - a world-renowned training ground for the next generation of educators, researchers, practitioners, administrators, and activists.

Global Competence Certificate

Prepare Yourself and Your Students for Global Citizenship in the 21st Century!

The Global Competence Certificate (GCC) Program is the first-of-its-kind online graduate level certificate program in global competence education for teachers. Developed by Teachers College, Columbia University, World Savvy, and Asia Society, the GCC helps educators integrate global competence into their practice while building their own global citizenship and teacher-leadership skills. The GCC combines engaging and interactive online coursework, immersive fieldwork with partners across the globe, and collaborative practice groups with interdisciplinary peers. Participants earn a Certificate in Global Competence plus either 48 Continuing Education Units or 12 Graduate Credits.

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