Since 1858

Background Information

- Macy's first store opened on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue in New York City in 1858.

- The founders of Macy's were Isidor Straus and Rowland Hussey Macy.

- The current president is Jeffrey Gennette.

- Macy's faces strong competition in the retail industry from other retailers in their geographic areas. Moderate or luxury department stores, specialty stores, general merchandise stores.

- Top competitors for macy's would be Dillard's, inc. and J.C Penney corporation inc.

Factors of Production

- Macy's has the best brands products.

- Macy's employs approximately 172,500 employees.

- Macy's market capitalization is $22.14 billion

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Financial Information

- Day Low: $63.60

- Day High: $64.13

- Gross Income: 11.24B

Stock Information

- Red Star is macy's symbol

- 52 week hi/low: High: $68.30 Low: $54.89

- Day low: 63.50 Day high: 64.06

- Since 2014 there are approximately 364.9 million share

- Yes macy's pays dividends, they pay around 0.3125. There last payment was 3/11/2015.

- Its a good investment because its a big company that has good business.

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New Releases

The Good News Behind Macy's

This article states that Macy's layoff so many works because that would bring there sharing percent up and it did. But i think people don't really see if its helping the company they only see that they are laying off so many people.

Macy's wins with Technology

This article states about how macy's always has what is new and people want. Macy's has what you want! This article tries to influence people to keep or continue shopping in macy's. That its the best store.

Summary of What was learned

Now that I did this research am glad i purchase Macy's because it a good stock that doesn't drop much.

As of right now my profit is 7.80 for macy's.

You shouldn't invest in a stock that is already very high because you are not going to get much of it and if it goes done its going to affect you.

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