Prep 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 13th March 2015

Entry Point for IPC Unit CLOTHES!

To start of this new unit on Monday, we wore our favourite clothes to school! We talked about all the different types of clothes we were wearing, we looked at patterns and designs too. Children shared why their clothes for this day are special. Our next fun and exciting part was our special dress up session in a mystery room. The children were thrilled to get the chance to change into various costumes and do a fashion parade! We encouraged and celebrated creativity, courage and joyfulness!

Maths Week!

Our learning for Maths week has focused around sorting and graphing. We looked at the different ways we could do sorting; by size, shapes, colours and many other attributes. As an introduction to graphs, our children looked at the different continents in the world and tried to figure out where in the world they are from! More cool interactive graphing displays such as our favourite food, different types of weather and festivals that we celebrate in Singapore are placed outside our classrooms....have a look out at the collaborative EY results when you are next in school.

What's on next week?

Virtue: Truthfulness

Tricky word- that

Sound of the Week- /e/

Special Request :)

Dear Parents,

For our clothes unit we are being creative and thinking of making something special with our little ones. Please send in an old pillow case cover next week, in a plastic bag with your child's name written on it. Preferably a light coloured fabric.

Thank you!

Other Dates for your Diary

Friday, March 27th - The last day of school before the Easter holiday.

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