1759 battle of the Abraham plains

French and the British By:Jihan and Hamza

Seven years war

The 1759 battle of the Abraham plains was the war between the British navy and the Quebec troops on September 13 1759. People called it the "The Seven Years of War".


James Wolfe leader of the British navy and marquis de Montcalm leader of the Quebec troops ,both generals died in battle. The battle of the Abraham plains was first created when the French and Abraham Lincoln as well British were settling an argument on the plains when a solider from the French attacked Abraham on the on the British side which led to battle and that's how it started and went on for seven years. That's why it's name was the "Battle Of The Abraham Plains".

The English

1655 the time when France was being establish the weren't only the French. At that time the western Christian powered were there as well (England, Spain,Portugal). Both the western Christian power and the French were very interested in North America and pin pointing it to claim the land of Canada. But Jaqccues Cartier placed the cross on the shores of Gaspé in the name of the King of France.