Get rid of it and protect your computer!

So Malware is what?

Malware is nasty, harmful software that harms your computer. Some types of malware are viruses, Trojan Horses, and spyware.


Viruses are a software that hurts your computer. They copy themselves but it needs contact to spread (like an email, link or flash drive). They can stop your computer from working. To prevent this get an AntiVirus software.

Trojan Horses and Spyware

Trojan Horses are emails or messages that seem real, but they aren't (like AmericanExpress but not actually from the company). They want you reply so they get some of your personal information like credit card numbers, and sell them to other sites. Spyware is software or hardware (like a flash drive) that goes into your computer and tracks everything that is done on your computer. The person or company that inserted the spyware now has access to your device. Never reply to the Trojan Horses, they aren't legit sources. To avoid software spyware, get a firewall. To avoid hardware spyware, never leave your computer unattended and always check it for any fishy devices.