What To Expect

Mayra H. && Ashlyn A.

Mom 1st Trimester Symptoms

When a woman is pregnant or trying to figure out if she is pregnant it can be hard to figure out. The number one way to tell if you are pregnant is if there is no period or you only have slight spotting. Other indicators could be food aversions, mood swings, abdominal bloating, frequent urination, fatique, nausea, or tender/swollen breasts.

Baby 1st Trimester

When the baby is implanted it is a small ball of rapid dividing cells that divide into two sections called the embryo and the placenta. At four weeks until ten weeks all of your baby's organs are beginning to form and function. At six weeks all of the parts are formed except the arms and legs. The heart is now beating about 100-160 times per minute. At eight weeks the tail is almost gone and the genetals haven't developed all the way to know what sex they are. The baby is now the size of a kidney bean and moves without you noticing.

Mom 2nd Timester Symptoms

In this bracket of time all of the 1st trimesters symptoms stay the same with a few additions. You will experience leg cramps, lower back pains and nose bleeds. Although it seems painful in time it will pay off with a new life as a product and a reward.

Baby 2nd Trimester

At fourteen weeks the baby can now do many things like frown, grimace, pee and most likely suck its thumb. In two more weeks (sixteen weeks) your baby will double its weight. It is now the size of an avacado. The eyes ears and all other parts of the body are now in their places ready to function. The baby is also starting to grow toenails. At eighteen weeks the baby has now grown to about 5 1/2 inches long and weighs 7 ounces. A protective covering of myelin is forming around all of his nerves. This process will continue for a year even after the baby is born.

Mom 3rd Trimester Symptoms

After all of these symptoms there are still more! You will start feeling dizzy and faint, have rectal bleeding, round ligament pain, and shortness of breath. Sounds horrific right? But it's all a part of the pregnancy and you shouldn't be alarmed if any of this happens.

Baby 3rd Trimester

At forty weeks it is hard to know the weight of the baby. Molding is the reason your babies head may look like a cone after birth. At thirty-five weeks the baby doesn't have that much room to move. It can't move because it is now in the womb. It'll spend the next weeks getting more weight put on. At twenty-eight weeks the baby wieghs 2 1-2 pounds and can blink its eyes and has eyelashes. They may see some light in the womb.

Advice To the Father

Guys don't feel bad when you're feeling left out during the pregnancy. Knowing your spouse has a connection to your unborn might be upsetting but guiding her and helping her through this is all a part of being a good spouse and eventually a good father. Don't be discouraged your time will come to join in when the time is right. Just focus on being a good father.