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Beaches ( ) are rife with opportunity for macro shots and creative abstracts. Some typical examples are: footprints in the sand, chipped paint on beach huts or boats, shells on the shore or intersecting blades of dune grass. With the intention of creating a shallow depth of field use a telephoto lens and employ a wide aperture. Zoom in close to your subject and focus accordingly. For best results get down in the sand and stabilize the camera on a jumper or bag to ensure details remain crisp.

What better place to photograph children expressing freedom and fun than at Panama City Beach ( ). Set a fast shutter (1/400th) to catch the action if the little tot refuses to sit still or give them a challenge to focus their attention such as building a sandcastle or exploring a rock pool. Frame and focus on your youngster, but zoom out to show enough background for the image to offer a context. Be prepared to capture family beach photography with your camera set for multiple-shot exposure.

For beautiful evenly lit portraits, diffuse the harsh sunlight that falls on the subject’s face using a white sheet if you have one at hand, or a beach towel or a tee shirt to provide shade if you don’t. For the best results, employ a 35mm or 50mm prime lens with a wide aperture to delicately blur the bright background but keep the portrait in focus for the best beach photography.

When the sun is at its highest it, family beach photography can be tricky to expose correctly for portraits so try bracketing the scene to expose for the highlights, shadows and midtones separately. Later employ a HDR program such Photomatix to give portraits an interesting texture and dramatic feel. Alternatively wait until the sun sets for an enigmatic silhouette. To incorporate an interesting reflection, place your subject at the shoreline, in between yourself and the sunset. Pre focus your subject manually here, expose for the brightest part of the scene and de-active the on body flash.

Digital-Imaginations Photography
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Digital-Imaginations Photography

PROFILE: Bob Rhea and Digital Imaginations offers more than 25 years of photographic experience to the Emerald Coast…a lifestyle photographer, photographing hundreds of weddings and thousands of families on the beach. Now specializing in digital photography, award winning photographic artist Bob Rhea, CPPA, certified Nikon Professional and Graduate of the Photography Institute – San Francisco. Recognized among peers and clients as one of the most talented and popular photographers in today’s wedding, commercial and portrait industry. A life-long portrait and nature photographer, shooting in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America, brings his talent and experience to you.