Dust Bowl


What was the Dust Bowl?

The Dust Bowl was an area of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Northern Texas affected by severe soil erosion (Caused by windstorms) in the early 1930's, which obliged many people to move.
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How did the Dust Bowl affect the people that were living there?

The drought and poor land caused many people to not have any crops. People also died because of choking on the dust. Children had to wear gas masks to and from school. Women put up sheets to try to block the dust coming into their homes.

Where did many people go to escape the effects of the Dust Bowl?

Three million people left their farms and half a million people migrated to other states, most of all people moved to the west.
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Three interesting facts

  • Farm animals died by choking on the dust and without their farms animals some things were not possible.
  • More than 300,000 people moved to California during the Dust Bowl to start over because of the damage to land caused by the Dust Bowl.
  • Sometimes children had to stay the night at school because the dust was way too bad to go home.


Overall the Dust Bowl affected all of daily life. Life was much harder since the dust came in. The Dust Bowl ended in 1939 with much rain and eventually people could try to reestablish their life.