Pandas and Other Bears

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The Pandas Diet

The Pandas diet is 99 percent bamboo and 1 percent other plants and even meat. It takes 28 pounds of bamboo to satisfy a Panda.
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The Giant Pandas Behavior

The Giant Panda is a solitary animal. Some Pandas even avoid social contact with other Pandas. Pandas spend most of their time eating. Baby Pandas spend a few months with their mothers.

Evolution Of Pandas

The giant Panda was one of the first bears to evolve. There are only around 1,000 left in the world and about 100 of them are in zoos. The Panda population is increasing but slowly Pandas are really hard to breed and take long too. The Giant Panda has really special needs that's why the Animal Association works so hard .
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The Diet of a Grizzly

Grizzly bears are omnivores and their diet can vary widely. They may eat seeds, berries, roots, grasses, fungi, deer, elk, fish, dead animals and insects.


In North America today it is estimated 1,800 Grizzly bears remain.

The Grizzly bears habitat

Grizzly bears can be found in many different habitats, from dense forests to meadows, open plains and arctic tundras. In North America Grizzly bears are found in Western Canada, Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana.
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