Joshua Baker

P2 3/13/15

The amazing world of techtoniques.

  1. First thing you need to know about plate techonics is it was discoverd in the 1960s. then there are three layers of the earth outer layer,mantle and core. The outer layer is called the crust and it is pretty much a HUGE, thick layer, its 25km-50km deep. its very low in densaty. Then also there is a oceanic crust and its only 5-10 km thick, but with more density.
  2. Then the mantle is mostly consists of rock, that mainly contains minerals and rocks, such as iron and magnesium.
  3. Lastly the core which is like a fireball that contains iron and nickel.

continental drift

Continental drift is the movement of continents, which casues the plates to move and drift. In 1910,a perosn of the name Wegener had a hypothesis, which was that all the continents were once together and attached together and now they have moved appart from each other and that theroy is known as pangea.


Convection currents move plates, so if there is a volcano that pushes hot, new lava up and old lava away which causes the plates to move closer together or farther away causing more convection currents.

Theory of plate tectonics

The theory of Plate tectonics is that the earth's crust is divided into muiltable plates that are being pushed and pulled by the iner part of the earth surface.