SPED Update

Week of March 30th

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Share something great...

I would love to incorporate into the weekly newsletter some great experiences of:

  • Student success stories, current or past
  • Teaching victories
  • Moments when you felt valued
  • Strategies for success
  • Quotes that inspire you
  • People who have helped you along the way

We do amazing things each and everyday, lets start sharing and inspiring one another.

LAST LRE Predictions in by April 1st

Final LRE Predictions in google Doc by April 1st

Please complete any updates to predictions by 4/1

  • Consider that we are giving students the necessary services, in the least restrictive environment. Looking specifically at upperclassman and challenging those students as necessary to "fly solo" more often if they will benefit from this.
  • Check to make sure errors were not made
  • Although there is a DS option, this option should be given only to students whom you feel as candidates for a "self contained" classroom, picture these kids going into the LD-9/10 classroom and consider if this is the least restrictive placement for them.

*When making changes please mark in red AND add date next to the change made (someone started doing this and I love it :)

**Hopefully some of our conversations will eliminate some of the work surrounding this

On May 1st, know that Mr. Vigeants office will be sending letters to parents of children with disabilities confirming placements / location of services. This letter should be a confirmation of the plans that have been developed by each child's IEP team. Building changes ( and teacher changes if known) should also be discussed with parents prior to this point. Any changes made after April 1st should be discussed with admin team or Jess Hassell.

Please keep in mind ESY timelines

  • All amendments for IEP's need to be made by last week in April (please email if you need me to schedule something)
  • All packets due by May 1st
  • Continue to let me or Melissa F. know if your students need Credit Retrieval.


Coventry High School Transition Field Trip

Careers without College Event: Being held April 10th 8am-1am

The following students will be attending and were chosen because of their upperclassman status or post secondary goals. If you hear back from your student with expressed disinterest or unwillingness to commit please let me know, as there are plenty of students who are on the waiting list. Thanks to Karen for volunteering to attend as the chaperone.

I will put a permission slip in your box asap.

  1. Francisco Perez (Vend)

  2. Jennifer Testa (Vend)

  3. Jordynn Vernet (Vend)

  4. Autumn Kmon (Vend)

  5. Mariah Keeler (Passafaro)

  6. Richard Camacho (Brusseau)

  7. Lydia Brodeu (Passafaro)

  8. Brett St. Jean (Brusseau)

  9. Kyle LePage (Brusseau)

  10. Jonathan Bates (O'Leary)

  11. Earl Chapman (Henry)

  12. Michael Garcia-Portney (Henry)

  13. Dylan Gomes (Brusseau)

  14. Chris Jordan (Brusseau)

Flyer below:


Article below coming straight from the Superintendent's twitter