Bonnie Clutter

In Cold Blood

The Life and Death of Bonnie Mae Fox Clutter

  • Born January 7, 1914 in Rozel, Kansas to Arthur B. and Mae Fox
  • Attended The St. Rose School of Nursing in Great Bend, Kansas
  • Married Herbert Clutter on December 2, 1934 and moved to Garden City, Kansas
  • Together Bonnie and Herb had four children, all of which were born in Garden City, Kansas
  • Eveanna Marie Clutter Mosier, born June 26, 1936; Beverly Jean Clutter English, born October 11, 1939; Nacey Mae Clutter, born January 2, 1943; and Kenyon Neal Clutter, born August 28, 1944
  • Member of First Methodist Church in Garden City, where Bonnie taught in the children's division
  • Lead to controversy in the Holcomb community in regard to her being a suspect
  • She serves as the imperfection to this 'perfect' family

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