Back to Eden Cafe

Organic cafe located at 210 South Central Avenue, 32136


Spanish Omelet 7.99

2 Eggs, Cilantro Salsa, Feta Cheese & Potato

Platano Maduro Omelet 6.95

Platanos maduro, onion and garlic in Omelet served with sweet potato

Cubano Omelet 6.95

Just like Cubano Sandwich except with eggs

Basic Goat Cheese Omelet 7.99

Two Eggs, Goat Cheese Omelet

Goat Cheese Egg Sandwich 4.95


Roasted Red Peppers & Goat Cheese 7.95

Roasted Red Peppers, Creamy Soft Ripened Goat Cheese, Baby Spinach

Organic Rawttuccine Alfredo 11.95

Organic Zucchini Tossed with Rawttuccine Alfredo Sauce & a Spring Mix Salad

Raw-Fully Vegan Burritos 8.95

All Organic Veggies, Ginger Sauce Collard Leaf Wrap

Organic Lentil or Black Bean Burger 8.95

Sliced Organic Bread served with Pickles, Tomato, Onions, Avocado, Goat or Feta & Small Salad or Cup of Soup

Veggie or Chicken Wrap 7.95

Add 2.50 add on Chicken, mixed greens, tomato, sweet potato, carrot, mushroom, avocado, sprouts, green onions


Beans & Rice 5.25
Choice of Apple Juice, Carrot Juice, or Apple Banana Smoothie & Chips
Organic PB&J Combo 6.49

Choice of Apple Juice, Carrot Juice, or Apple & Banana Smoothie & Chips
Organic Grilled Cheese Sandwich 6.75
Choice of Apple juice, Carrot Juice or Apple Banana Smoothie & Chips


    Organic Beans & Rice Burrito 7.95

    All Organic Avocado, Beans & Rice, Salsa, Sweet Potato, choice of cheese & side of soup or salad

    Organic Chicken Sandwich 8.99

    Chicken, Kale, Tomato, Red Onion, Sprouts, Roasted Red Peppers

    Message Kale Salad 7.49

    Kale, Green Onion, Hard Boiled Eggs & Crimini Mushroom

    Cubano Sandwhich Half: 5.95 Whole: 7.95

    Cuban Bread, Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Pickles

    Avocado Ruben Sandwich 7.95

    All Organic Avocado, Thousand Island, Sauerkraut, Red Pepper

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