Children in Poverty

By: Hyun-Ju Song

an issue that needs to be changed

Children in Poverty is a Corrupt Issue

Today, the world lives everyday with no worries and fear. Everyday passes quickly and like a routine. We don't have to worry about not having enough food, not having a place to sleep, or even think about death. None of these thoughts make our "worry" list. While some of us are thinking about petty and silly stuff, there are millions of children struggling to survive each day.

We need to stop this miserable issue, because we are here on earth to help each other! (Ethos)

As people of the world, all of us need to join hands and stand up for the children living in poverty, because those children lack basic education, everyday necessities including nutrition and shelter, and thousands of children die due to poverty each day. (Climax)


Children in poverty lack basic education, which is a necessity for living. The don't have enough money to go to school.

Everyday, students complain about school; how much they hate school or not wanting to be at school. Many students don't know what a privilege it is to be able to go to school and study for numerous years. People work hard at being lavish. (Paradox)

There are thousands of children in poverty who want to go to school, but can't afford to. (Pathos)

the importance of education

Education is the foundation of one's future. Education provides people and students with wisdom and guidance.

Children in poverty lack basic education with strengthens their future, which is why many end up jobless or have a job that doesn't pay sufficiently for living.

Because children lack basic education, they lose a future that could be successful or filled with many opportunities.

We need to stand up for these children, so that every child in poverty can have the same education as everyone else.


Children in poverty lack nutrition, shelter, and everyday necessities.

Thousands of children lack nutrition, shelter, and everyday necessities. These issues leads to many health problems and more.

We need to stand up for these children, so that every child in poverty has enough nutrition, necessities, and the protection they need in order to survive.



Poverty kills thousands of children each day. Our world has the resources and the qualities needed to stop poverty.

What we need is attention and care.


We are so busy living our life, and forget that 22,000 children die each day due to poverty (UNICEF fact 4). (Logos)

Why is poverty stil an issue today, when thousands of children die from it each day? (Rhetorical Question)

Shoudn't it be common sense to stop an issue that kills thousands of children each day?

If we start to give our attention to the issue and start caring, poverty CAN be extinct from this world.


A government exists to protect and support the citizens of a country.

Why are there lots of governments in this world, but so mnay people and children are in poverty, lacking the protection that they need and deserve? (Rhetorical Question)

Governments need to start to care for this horrible issue that is all over not just their nation, but all over the world.



children in poverty

Children in poverty can't afford to go to school to get education, food, shelter and everyday necesssities.

Children lack education that will provide lots of opportunities, and strengthen and benefit their future.

Children lack food, which leads to many health problems.

Children lack shelter that protects them.

Thousands of children die each day due to poverty.

As people of the world, we need to stop this horrendous issue, and need to make a change.

As people of the world, we need to stand up, support and notice the suffering children poverty.

lets make a change!