The Western Wall

Colby M.


The Western Wall is located in the old city Jerusalem witch is in Israel.
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The Old City of Jerusalem

This map shows the layout of the city Jerusalem and shows where the Western Wall is in the old city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


The western wall is the west wall of the second temple and has stayed in tacked since the attack from Rome in 70 CE. The wall is a tan like yellow. It is not held together by sement or any type of glue. The bricks are just placed on top of each other. This allows people to stick notes in side of the cracks of the wall.
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Who is it sacred to

The western wall is sacred to the jewish religion. It was made the most sacred place in 70C.E. when rome attacked and that was the only wall standing after the attack.
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This picture is showing all of the different symbols for Jewish religion.


When Rome destroyed the second temple in 70 C.E. the only wall that was standing was the west wall. After that it became even more sacred than it was before the attack in 70 C.E.

Why is it sacred

When Rome attacked they destroyed every thing excepted for the western wall before Rome attacked the western wall was all ready sacred to the Jewish religion then became even more sacred. At that point the western wall became the holiest place in Jerusalem.

How is it used in that religion

Millions of tourists slip pieces of paper into the cracks of the wall. Those pieces of paper are prayers to god and asking for good luck or forgiveness. The western wall is used by the Jewish religion because it is a way of saying thanks or saying prayers. Many people come from all over to pray.
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This picture is showing that they clean out these notes once a year.

Fun Facts

  • The western wall is also called the walling wall because of all the people that cried under it. Also called the Kotel.
  • Over half the wall is under the street
  • It has hidden canals and tunnels inside of the wall
  • Every year people leave millions of notes in the wall some times even famous people
  • The wall is a tan like yellow