Off to Great Start

Unit 1 Art of the Ancient Near East

Beginning our First Unit of Study

This week we will begin observing our regular meeting schedule. We will be studying sculpture and architecture of the Ancient Near East. The Ancient Near East refers to sophisticated, well-organized societies such as Babylon and Sumeria. Iraq, Iran, and Turkey now occupy the area of the world these ancient cultures once flourished.

Please pay close attention to the August calendar for your detailed instructions and assignments. You do not need to bring your textbooks to class. All assignments that require the use of Gardner's Art Through the Ages and The Annotated Mona Lisa will be completed outside of class time. Leave them at home! While you take notes for your reading focus on the topics outlined on the Unit 1 Sheet.

Just an extra reminder that you do not need to attend the Online Meet and Greet scheduled for this week. This meeting is not intended for blended online classes. Regular online classes do not have frequent meeting time with their teachers. This is their first opportunity to meet their teachers. Since we meet three times a week this isn't a requirement for us. Make sure that your parents are aware. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. See you in Room 202 Tuesday,

This Week's Agenda

Monday - complete reading, vocab, and notes; make progress with your cue cards

Tuesday and Wednesday (class meetings) - "Ancient Near East Sculpture" and Context lectures in class; Vocab quiz on Wednesday

Thursday - View "Ancient Near East Architecture" Collaborate Session on Blackboard

Friday (class meeting) - Unit 1 Quiz; please study your notes, cue cards, and refer to the Unit 1 Sheet

Weekend - Unit 2 assignments

Short film of the week, "(notes on) Biology"

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