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Our Goal: To help you navigate all the strategies and tools we have available within MGSD and Mooresville Intermediate School!

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This Month's Focus: M-7

M-7: Acquire and Demonstrate Knowledge

Students demonstrate their knowledge through a variety of assessment tools and instructional strategies to ensure student understanding.

What does it mean?

Students are given the opportunity to show what they know through a wide variety of assessment techniques.

What does it actually look like at MIS?

  • Use entry and exit tickets to gauge student understanding of lessons
  • Track student participation and response to questions using popsicle sticks, seating charts, or other methods
  • Use "Student Talk" time during PLCs to investigate how well students are learning material
  • Review student work with fellow teachers to ensure grading consistency, identify problem areas, and judge how well students are understanding the concepts
  • Use Interactive Notebooks to help students engage with content
  • Use formative assessments, checks for understanding, and frequent class discussion
  • Provide opportunities for application of content and learning through projects
  • Create and display anchor charts
  • Allow opportunities for other methods to demonstrate knowledge versus simply using tests
  • Provide hands-on learning activities that allow students to manipulative and see cause-effect relationships
  • Incorporate Project-Based Learning such as service learning, genius hour, Gateway projects and inquiry
  • Use assessment choice boards to incorporate different ways to show knowledge
  • Use discussion forums and backchannels to allow for student discussion and questioning

Self-Paced PD

To explore more about this strategy, click HERE to check out some of the sessions that have been offered at previous Summer Institutes related to this strategy. Each one contains lots of strategies you can implement and resources you can use to improve your practice.

"Techify It!"

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