VANS Custom Culture Competiton

Open to current Hillsboro Students

Win $50,000 for Hillsboro's Art Program

Van's is giving our school a chance to compete for $50,000 for our Art Department. What we need from you are your best ideas and sketches for the 4 entries we have. There are 4 categories of shoe designs:

  1. Art
  2. Action Sports
  3. Culture
  4. Local Flavor (Think Country Music, Hot Chicken, etc.)

Submission forms are due by April 1st. The Library Staff & Art Department will pick the top 4 submissions from each category.

Local school voting will be on April 4th with top 4 from each category.

Transferring sketches to the Shoes will be April 5th-8th.

Submission of shoes to Vans Custom Culture Contest will be on April 8th.

Submission Forms

Are in Office & library. you can also print off a submission form below. Be sure to add your name, grade, & email.