Human dependence

The basics

More precise definitions are provided in biology and bioeconomics.

Biological overfishing occurs when fishing mortality has reached a level where the stock biomass has negative marginal growth (slowing down biomass growth).

Ultimately overfishing may lead to depletion in cases of subsidised fishing, low biological growth rates and critical low biomass levels.

The ability for nature to restore the fisheries is also dependent on whether the ecosystems are still in a state to allow fish numbers to build again.

Dramatic changes in species composition may establish other equilibrium energy flows which involve other species compositions than before (ecosystem shift).


Decrease it

One of the best ways how to decrease effects of over fishing would be to ban most commercial fishing in the deep sea. Deep sea is the world's largest ecosystems and many deep sea fish species don't have the ability to repopulate quickly after being over fished.




1. Causes death of coral reefs and kills many unused fish

2. It harms the environment and people get money for this

3. this happens of the east coast in the Atlantic

4. Fish and plants are effected

5 They are effected because they are dying

6. it could effect the fishing near us

7. Everyone who eats fish is effected by this

8. People trying to make money fishing causes this

9. One solution is to outlaw over fishing

10. Stop selling fish in stores to stop this