Handiworks News

January 2014

A New Year

It's hard to believe but another year has come and gone and 2014 is here! The past year was a busy year. We learned a lot along the way and we always feel that each new year is a time to reflect, to improve and to make a new resolution! Our resolution at Handiworks is to have impeccable communication with our customers in 2014 and on. This is why we have decided to do a monthly news letter to stay connected with our Handiworks Family. As our customer you know that we value each and every one of you as if you were our own family. We want to stay connected with you and let you know each month what we have been doing, where we plan on going and how you could even be a part of it! As a company we are always seeking out ways to help improve our customers lives. We created this company to be a "go to" resource for families. To have a "one stop shop" that keeps families connected with the best talent in construction, handyman services, lifestyle resources and even protection for your family in life and health insurance. We want to be there for you and your family like we would be there for ours! It sounds crazy, but we are NOT in this for the money, we are in this for YOU. Our goal here at Handiworks Unlimited is to be an unlimited resource for the wellness of your family. Whether it be fixing your toilet or writing you a life insurance policy or even helping you start your own small business, we are just here to help! Let us help you in 2014 and welcome to our family!

Why we chose "Handiworks Unlimited"

In the New Year of 2012 we ventured off as a family to Florida. We brought along a couple of good friends, one of them being Tyler Hollinger. Throughout all of our family vacations, as entrepreneurs we love to sit around and discuss what would be the next great business to start. Normally its all just talk, but this time was different. We were sitting in a CiCi's pizza in Orlando, Florida when we came up with an idea. See Tyler for years had been our handyman, helping us and all of our friends with small projects. Scott was a consultant for businesses around the area for years and a life insurance agent. Laura was Scott's daughter and assistant from age 9 on and a Cosmetologist working in a small studio. For some strange reason when we put that together we came up with one thing. We are doing what we love to do and are talented at, for the good of our customers. Tyler loved helping improve the quality of his customers homes, giving them something to look forward to coming home to. Scott loved helping young entrepreneur's grow their businesses to success and helping families find protection in life insurance. Laura loved to help people find their personal inner and outer beauty and make people feel secure in their appearance. We LOVE to help our customers. We sat and talked for hours about how God has blessed each of us in a talent and we want to use it to His glory. We followed the Bible verse Ephesians 2:10 and fell in the love with the idea of using our talents for families across central Indiana. Ever since that time at a pizza place in Florida we have served over 300 families doing anything from handyman services to life insurance. We have connected with dozens of companies that share the passion to serve others well to have a pool of resources for our families.

Ephesians 2:8-10

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

The above highlighted verse is what developed Handiworks Unlimited and became our mission statement.

The word "handiwork" or in other translations "workmanship" literally means "a thing of His making". As we see from the previous 2 verses we as born again Christ-followers have been saved by grace through faith. We can do nothing of ourselves to deserve forgiveness of sins and eternal life, rather, it is God's free gift to us. When we accept this gift and receive Christ into our hearts, we are made a beautiful "handiwork" and God then prepares "good works" for us to do. It is important to note that while God has prepared a perfect plan for each of our lives He does not force that plan to come to pass. We have to choose.

The world tells us that we should disregard our morals to fit in, or we aren't worth it, or living for God isn't worth the pursuit. Those are lies and we should stop believing them. God tells us that we are chosen by Him, accepted, loved, and prepared for good works. We are His handiwork, made in His image. Daily He will mold us into the person He has called us to be -- if we let him. He can take our brokenness and make us into something beautiful!

So why Ephesians 2:10? Simple. We have been given an incredible gift from the One who created us. Naturally, we have a desire to give back and serve those around us that we come in contact with. Our mission is to use the talents and abilities God has given us to serve our customers as best we can. Yes, we are human and will occasionally make mistakes. However, we will not rest until the wrong is made right and our customers have seen Christ through us!

Tyler Hollinger

Sales and Marketing