Written by E. Lockhart

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"I was Ironic, I was condescending, I was authoritative. I was probably a little ridiculous and weird"

In Dramarama by E. Lockhart Sarah or Sadye Paulson is a girl living in what she considers to be one of the most "vanilla" towns in America, and she knows she doesn't fit in. She dreams of living in New York and becoming a big Broadway star. When her and her best friend, Demi get accepted in to one of the most prestigious theater camps in the nation, they are more than happy. However they both soon realize that a lot of extra drama is easily carried offstage, especially when everyone wants to be at the top. Sadye struggles with love, acting, teachers, rules, and even her friendship when all of this is tested in the extreme conditions of drama camp. She states "Theater people will act like your oldest friends when youv'e just met. And they'll do it even when they are competing with you."Here, everyone wants to be a superstar.Here, true friendships will be tested.Here, there is more drama than anywhere ever before. This is a very good book for people who enjoy theater and an overly dramatic storyline.