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One HECK of a January for HR!

Congratulations to everyone for a very solid start to 2017. Below is a snapshot of the activity!
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Welcome Jeff Piety!

Hoosier, REALTORS® would like to extend a warm welcome to Jeff Piety - who is soon to become the newest team member. If you were able to attend the last team meeting, you would have met Jeff, who is finishing up his real estate classes.

Jeff has been a lifelong resident of Franklin Township, he graduated from Franklin Central High School. You may have seen his family's iconic white barn at the top of the hill off of Edgewood Ave, just past the railroad tracks. Jeff is married to Joy, whose parents built and lived in the home her entire life. Jeff & Joy have two sons, Brandon and Matt. Matt's family also lives in Franklin Township. We are happy to have you Jeff, and look forward to you officially joining the real estate world!

You're Invited! - Broker's Open House

Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 11:30am-1:30pm

6366 North 700 East

Morristown, IN

Tamara is hosting a Broker's Open House along with Donna Baker of the Bailey & Wood Financial Group. Lunch will be provided!
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DON'T FORGET: Add closings and events to HR Calendar!

For our Indy Agents: Awhile back you received an email about a calendar created in Gmail specific to the conference room at the Franklin Township Office. This calendar helps us keep track of when you have a closing, or need the conference room/HR Office. Make sure you are utilizing the calendar so we don't have any overlaps or conflicts. Below is a tutorial for how to access the calendar from your desktop email (using Gmail).

1. From your email, click on the icon with the grid at the top right of your screen.

2. All the Google Apps will pop up, click on Calendar.

3. Along the left side, click on the "Create" red button.

4. Fill out as much information as you'd like - then make sure to SELECT THE HOOSIER REALTORS calendar from the dropdown menu.

5. Hit Save.

If you have any problems...shoot Kim an email or text to help.

Combat Rental Scams


MIBOR members continue to report that one or more of their listings has been the subject of a fraudulent ad placed on websites such as Craigslist. Listing information is lifted and placed in an ad offering the property “For Rent.” The scammer sometimes will ask for credit information or ask for an up front deposit. Typically, the scammer’s story is that they are out of the country and can’t make arrangements to show the listing. The seller of the property may report to their listing agent strange activity such as people looking in their windows, or the potential renters discover a “For Sale” sign on the property and contact the listing agent for more information.

There are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of your listing being involved in a fraudulent posting. Watch this video produced by the National Association of REALTORS® for tips. If you discover that your listing or the listing of another MIBOR member has been posted on a website fraudulently, you should notify the website immediately and report the occurrence to the Professional Services Department. Contact Jeanette Langford at (317) 956-5241 or Tracy Nierste at (317) 956-5244 for more information or to make a report.

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Hoosier, REALTORS® hosts a daily blog on our website.

This week's featured articles include:

  • What your houseplants need to make it through winter.
  • Homeowners' quest for the best schools.
  • 10 things to toss from your attic ASAP: how many are hiding in yours?
  • The housing crunch for older adults nears
  • How to negotiate repairs after a home inspection
  • closed sales increase for the month of December 2016


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