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Dear Carolyn,

Lately i have been noticing my best friend might have been showing signs of Deliria. I don't know if i'm just being paranoid or if this could be serious.I don't want to see her hurt but at the same time i don't want her to be thrown in jail forever. Here are some examples of what I've seen. 1) she has tried to sneak out past curfew to go who knows where 2) when i ask here where she went she acts very suspicious 3) she never seems to be home. Am i being paranoid or is this something i should genuinely be worried about?

-worried friend

Dear worried friend,

i don't think this could be something to be very worried about. It seems as if you are just being a good friend trying to look out for her. after all you don't really want the authorities to but her in jail just because of what could possibly be false accusations.

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The movie,Delirium, is based off the novel, Delirium by Lauren Oliver. The drama filled series is a must see for everyone. With meeting new devious people to having friendship ruining arguments it is filled with everything. Everyone is supposed to get the cure at one point and Lena has been counting down since she can remember. You get the cure when you're 18, all you have to do is stay away from love until then. Doesn't seem hard until the perfect person comes. Watch this to see how Lena deals with all of this and ries to keep herself from contracting Amor Deliria Nervosa.

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Alex Sheathes was an amazing person all around. He did many things for many people that i bet many could share. He was very outgoing and loving. Alex was always very adventurous and fun to be around. Anyone who was around him always seemed to be happy, he lit up the whole room. I hope he will be remembered as a good soul. Now we wont get to be with his love, Lena Halloway. He was the best friend to ever ask for

March 9, 2020 Alex Sheathes died

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One conflict was when Alex told Lena about where he was from. When he told her he was born and raised in the wilds and had replicated the procedure scar so it seemed like he had been cured.When Alex told Lena this it made her really frightened and scared she really never wanted to talk to him again, she was too afraid of contracting Deliria right before her procedure