Care New Peeps!


Care Has Grown!!

We have new faces in CARE!!! Please take a moment to personally welcome these brand new Care Peeps, who are here to help us provide excellent customer service during this holiday season! :-)

8AM-4PM Shift

10AM-6PM Shift

2PM-10PM Shift

5PM-1AM Shift

12:30AM-8:30AM Shift

How to Welcome our Newbies!

  • Make sure to add them to your gchat!
  • Give them a great big Care "Welcome" when you see them!
  • Check in with them during your shift, ask them how they are doing @ the cafe', copier, etc...
  • Be available to help when you are able. Be an open resource for questions and concerns.

I'm sure we will make the new peeps feel welcome and glad they chose ModCloth Customer Care!