Industrial and Transportation

Working conditions,improvements, developments in the 1800's

Improvements in Transportation ||

During the 1800's the growth of transportation, made travel easier by the cause of new ways of transportation. This also affected shipping times and costs. Steamboats and the Railroad system are one of the most popular methods of transportation. During the 1840's and 1850's over 500 steamboats were used to carry people and goods through the Atlantic. Other than steamboats, trains took a big part of transportation as well. In the Eastern United States 30,000 miles connected big cities by railroads, these transportation caused the economy to grow.

Manufacturing and Industry ||

In the 1800's industrial in the American north was developed. Back then, factories were intorduced, with machines that manufactured good to be sold to more places. How textiles were made caught attention. Back then, before the 1800's clothes took time and people to make and afterwards the process became fast when there began to be Technological improvements and venders began to build textile mills, and factories.