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Education Consultants

KET Education Consultants serve Kentucky schools and universities by providing information and training - including FREE onsite workshops for faculty, students, STLP groups, and more. Whether you need up-to-date information on KET-offered classroom resources or ideas on using multimedia technology, KET workshops can help meet your needs.

These workshops are tailored to your district, school, or classroom needs and preferences while addressing the needs of 21st Century learners. Each workshop is approved by the Kentucky Department of Education for PD/EILA credit.

2012-2012 Resource Book

This book is designed to help teachers, media specialists, and school administrators access and use the thousands of instructional media resources KET offers from the perennial favorite KET Encyclomedia, which houses Discovery Education, to our expanding Distance Learning courses. Education Consultants can provide training on how to incorporate these resources into 21st Century classrooms while providing for differentiation and alignment to the Common Core Standards. The Resource Book is published annually and distributed to Kentucky teachers in K-12 schools. It can also be accessed online.

KET Encyclomedia

KET Encyclomedia houses three digital repositories - Discovery Education, Teachers' Domain, and KET Ed on Demand. Soon, a new repository will be added - PBS LearningMedia. Each of these repsitories houses thousands of classroom-ready videos, interactives, lesson plans, audio clips, images, documents, and more - spanning grade levels and curriculum areas. Teachers can even search for resources by Common Core and/or National Standards in these repositories. Find these resources on the KET Encyclomedia site:

Unbridled Learning - Online PD Modules

Kentucky Senate Bill 1 2009 marked the next phase in the state's public school assessment and accountability system. These self-paced module lessons provide information on the legislation and insight into the bill's impact on education in Kentucky. Developed with the Kentucky Department of Education, these modules can be used by Kentucky educators for PD, SBDM or EILA credit with approval from their school or district. Modules include: Transforming Education in Kentucky (7 modules), Program Reviews (5 modules), Operation Preparation (2 modules), and Formative Assessment in Practice (4 modules).

Video Production Workshops

Education Consultants also provide hands-on workshops in video production for teachers or students, which can be tailored for any content area. Workshops introduce basic video production, from planning, script-writing, and interviewing to audio, lighting, and shot composition. Explore how media production promotes critical thinking skills and extends learning.

Mission US

Mission US is a multimedia project that immerses players in U.S. history content through free online interactive games. Played individually or collaboratively, the games help students with varying learning styles acquire skills critical for understanding history.

Mission 1: 'For Crown or Colony' puts players in the shoes of a printer's apprentice in 1770 Boston, encountering both Patriots and Loyalists. When rising tensions result in the Boston Massacre, students must choose where their loyalties lie.

In Mission 2: 'Flight to Freedom' players take the role of a 14-year old slave in Kentucky. As students navigate escape and journey to Ohio, they discover that life in the 'free' North is dangerous and difficult.

As with all the resources KET offers, Education Consultants are available to give your teachers an in-depth look at how to take advantage of all the resources available to teach the content.

The next mission, dealing with Westward Expansion, will be released in the Spring of 2013, and two additional missions are in their planning stages.

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Contact your KET Education Consultant, Amy Grant, who can provide information on KET resources, free workshops, and other education services.