The Manning Weekly Newsletter

January 11, 2019

Dear Families,

It has been a quick week back in action, but we hit the ground running. I was surprised at how easily our students were able to make the cognitive switch from "vacation mode" back to "work mode." I hope our Manning families were also able to enjoy some time off over the Holidays.

It is hard to believe we have just over four more months left with our students – and a quick three months until CMAS testing. Please know the foundations we have set with our students back in August will stick, and we will continue to push our students to reach our high expectations of growth and creativity, while supporting their academic and social needs. It's a fun ride, and we are definitely happy to be back!

David / Mr. Luongo

1st Semester Honor Rolls

Change in Achievement Time for This Semester

This semester, we will only be inviting students to Achievement Time on Wednesday afternoons if they are failing a class. (This is a change from the first semester, when we additionally invited students with a D.) Our intention is to provide more targeted attention to the smaller population of students who have an F. Our first Achievement Time will be on January 23rd.

At the end of the day Friday, 6th and 7th graders listened to the Sheriff's Department talk about Internet Safety

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Meanwhile, SRO Lewis spoke to our 8th graders about the dangers of sexting.

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Yoga & Mindfulness at Manning

We will continue to offer yoga as an enrichment activity after school on Wednesdays beginning on January 23rd.

YMCA Supervision

The YMCA will not be offering supervision of students before school any longer, due to such a low number of students taking advantage of the before school program. They will, however, continue to provide supervision after school.

Reminder to Bring Coats - Our Doors Open at 7:50 am

Statistically, January and February are the coldest months of the year, so this is a reminder for students to bring coats to school. As long as the temperature is above 20 degrees, we will be going outside for recess with or without coats. Also, if you drop your student off early, keep in mind they will have to wait outside until 7:50.

Thank you to everyone who donated playground equipment. Our cart is overflowing!

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6th Graders Recall Biggest Take Aways from 1st Semester

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Anyone Want to Coach Boys Basketball?

I have some updates from last week regarding the 6th/7th grade Manning boys basketball team starting practice next week.

There are now enough Manning students on the waitlist to form a 2nd 6th/7th grade team (teams of 9 and 10 players). My goal for all of the middle school teams is to allow as many students to participate as possible. In this situation, there are two issues with adding a 2nd team: number of coaches and gym space.

Currently, I have one coach assigned to coach the initial 6th/7th grade Manning team. In order to accommodate a second team, I would need at least one additional coach. Unless something changes over the next couple of days with one of my other teams, this second team would need at least one parent from this group to help out and coach. The coaching position can be a paid (at $11.78/hour) or volunteer position, and would be for Tuesdays and Thursdays for 8 weeks from 1/15-3/14 from 3:30-5:00pm for practices at Manning and a slightly longer commitment on game dates (~3:30-5:30 or 6:00).

If someone is able to coach and we can accommodate that second team, the other piece is managing the gym space with three teams sharing (including the one 8th grade team). Manning has an outdoor, blacktop court that can be used as long as the weather is safe. If someone can coach the second team, I would have one team practice outside each day with the other two teams inside. That setup would rotate each practice so every team gets ~equal indoor and outdoor practice time.

Please let me know if you are interested in coaching the team, and I’ll walk you through the application steps and get you setup for next week. We already have 2 great boys coaches for the two current teams, so you’d be joining some great coaches already.


Brandon Altenburg

Athletics and Fitness Coordinator

Office Phone: (303) 231-1306

Fun activity for French students to practice speaking and listening

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Have you been hearing about "Sources of Strength," but still don't know what it is? Watch this video!

Follow Manning on Instagram! username- manningschool

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Please follow us on facebook, too! @themanningschooljeffco

New Diabetes Support Group

Jeffco Health Services is starting up a Diabetes support group in January. The support group is open for all students with diabetes, their peers, teachers/staff, and parents/family. They will cover different topics each meeting.

Looking for Something Fun?

Apex Park holds an event called Teen Take Over once a month at their Secrest facility. It is a night for kids to hang out and do things like dodgeball, Fortnite, swim, air hockey and much more.

Anne Frank Field Trip

Parents of 7th-grade Students: In conjunction with the reading of The Diary of Anne Frank in Language Arts class, all 7th-grade students will be attending the Arvada Center's production of Anne Frank in March. The cost of student tickets is $14 per student; the PTA graciously covers the cost of the buses. Please visit Jeffco Connect to pay your student's ticket fee by the end of February. 7th-grade Honors Language Arts classes will see the play on March 5; 7th-grade Traditional Language Arts classes will see the play on March 19. The performance time is 10:30-12:30. Thank you for your support of this enrichment opportunity for your student!

An exercise in observation - 6th graders find a spot to sit down and describe what they hear, see, feel, and smell.

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A kinesthetic learning experience of how cramped it was on the slave ships that sailed from Africa to America

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Annual Jeffco Writing Challenge & Jeffco's "I Love to Read" Challenge!

Welcome back to the ENC Jeffco Writing Challenge! Last year we had over 1,200 writing entries K-12, from Jeffco Schools! This year 1st place students will again receive a $100 prize and ENC is donating funds to the schools with the highest percentage of writing entries as well. Last year ENC gave away prizes for 1st-3rd place writing entries for every grade and, ENC also added an Honorable Mention category due to such great response.

Manning can also enter the 3rd Annual Jeffco Book Challenge - "I Love to Read," contest and the winning school will receive a donation from ENC in 2019. Students who submit a winning "I Love to Read," statement will be eligible for a gift card as well, as incentive for the entire school to be involved! See our attached flyer for more information.

An eBook will be posted on the ENC website with all the winning entries. The final deadline for all entries for both the Jeffco Writing Challenge and the Jeffco Book Challenge “I Love to Read," contest is February 28, 2019. The final deadline of February 28, 2019 is when all entries for both contests must be received by ENC.

Sponsored by ENC - Education Nonprofit Corporation-

Reminder to Utilize Tutor Time in the Morning 7:50 - 8:15

Don't fall behind! Come get extra one-on-one attention with your teachers before school.

  • Monday - Math or Electives
  • Tuesday - Math or English or 6th Grade Science
  • Wednesday - Math or Social Studies
  • Thursday - Math or Science
  • Friday - Math

New Enrichment Opportunity

On Wednesdays in January, we will be offering new enrichment. "Drone Commander" will begin in on January 16th, and "Video Game Design" will begin on February 27th. Click on the links to register. There are only 12 spots available for each class.

Drone Commander:

Video Game Design:

Arvada West High School Open House

(Choice Enrollment/8th Grade Parent Night combined)

Thursday, January 17, 2019 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

  • We welcome any family interested in learning more about Arvada West High School to join us for our Open House.
  • Meet our teachers, hear from current students, and see how Arvada West High School’s rich history and traditions are evolving to provide students with relevant real-world learning.
  • The evening will allow all incoming 9th grade students and students interested in choice enrollment at Arvada West to obtain information from representatives from department teachers, activities sponsors/students and athletic coaches/students throughout our building.

Lakewood High School Showcase Night

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

For any interested and prospective incoming freshmen, please join Principal Dan Bock and many representatives from Lakewood's activities and athletics for an informational evening on February 5th from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Students and families will have the opportunity to tour the school and ask questions of sponsors, coaches, teachers, administrators and student leaders about Lakewood and all it has to offer.

Interested in being a Boy Scout?

One of our students would like to invite other boys to consider joining Troop 999, and has created an informational flyer. If being a boy scout is something you're interested in, click the button below.

Any 6th Graders Who Like to Dance?

The Golden High School dance team is holding a clinic on Saturday, February 9th. Click on the button below for more information and to sign up.

Interested in Discounted Tickets to the Rodeo?

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If you're still involved at all with an elementary school community, please help your friends and acquaintances understand the Enroll Jeffco process.

Enroll Jeffco Is Coming!

Jeffco Public Schools is rolling out a new student enrollment system called EnrollJeffco for the 2019-20 school year. This new enrollment system has two components. First, a tool called School Finder, which is a searchable database of information about all Jeffco Public Schools. Second, an online enrollment system where all current and incoming students will indicate where they will go to school next year. Families with new preschool students and those who want to participate in choice enrollment to attend a school other than their current or neighborhood school will apply for their school of choice through this system.

Starting December 17: Go to to learn about the schools near you.

January 22 - February 8: Enroll in your current or neighborhood school (K-12), or apply to another Jeffco school (choice enrollment & preschool) at

Late February: If choice enrolling, you will receive notification of next steps via email.

Check out now or watch the video below for information about this user-friendly system that will help families plan ahead and provide schools with enrollment information to prepare for the next school year.

Current Jeffco Student Enrolling at Expected School

*Expected school = either the school the student is currently attending (if in non-transition grade), OR neighborhood school (if in a transition grade)

STEP 1 Parent goes to and clicks on “Enroll Now”

STEP 2 Using their Jeffco Connect username and password, parent logs in to EnrollJeffco system

STEP 3 Parent clicks “Let’s Get Started” button next to student’s name

STEP 4 Parent validates all parent and student information (this data has been pulled from Jeffco Connect)

STEP 5 Parent is presented with “Intent to Enroll” page, asking if their student will attend their expected school; Parent clicks “Yes” button

STEP 6 Parent is asked two survey questions and is then taken to enrollment confirmation page

Current Jeffco Student Choice Enrolling

*Wanting to apply at a school other than where they currently attend, both at grade transition or simply changing schools

STEP 1 Parent goes to and clicks on “Enroll Now”

STEP 2 Using their Jeffco Connect username and password, parent logs in to EnrollJeffco system

STEP 3 Parent clicks “Let’s Get Started” button next to student’s name

STEP 4 Parent validates all parent and student information (this data has been pulled from Jeffco Connect)

STEP 5 Parent is presented with “Intent to Enroll” page, asking if their student will attend their expected school; Parent clicks “No” button

STEP 6 Parent selects one or more schools to which they want to apply, answers additional questions (about siblings, etc.), agrees to terms and conditions, and clicks the “Submit” button

STEP 7 Parent receives email confirmation of application received

STEP 8 On or around February 25th, parent receives emails/text messages about student’s status at each school (offered enrollment or waitlisted)

STEP 9 Using their smartphone, laptop, or computer, parent may accept no more than one enrollment offer (offers expire 5 days after date of issue)

STEP 10 Parent is presented with two survey questions and is then taken to enrollment confirmation page

Student New to Jeffco Choice Enrolling

STEP 1 Parent goes to and clicks on “New Parent/Guardian” button

STEP 2 Parent establishes Jeffco Connect account, including creation of username and password

STEP 3 Parent clicks “+ Add New Student” button and completes record for student

STEP 4 Parent goes to and clicks on “Enroll Now”

STEP 5 Using their newly-established Jeffco Connect username and password, parent logs in to EnrollJeffco system

STEP 6 Parent clicks “Let’s Get Started” button next to student’s name

STEP 7 Parent validates all parent and student information (this data will have just been pulled from Jeffco Connect)

STEP 8 Parent is presented with “Intent to Enroll” page, asking if their student will attend their neighborhood school; Parent clicks “No” button

STEP 9 Parent selects one or more schools to which they want to apply, answers additional questions (about siblings, etc.), agrees to terms and conditions, and clicks the “Submit” button STEP 10 Parent receives email confirmation of application received

STEP 11 On or around February 25th, parent receives emails/text messages about student’s status at each school (offered enrollment or waitlisted)

STEP 12 Using their smartphone, laptop, or computer, parent may accept no more than one enrollment offer (offers expire 5 days after date of issue)

STEP 13 Parent is presented with two survey questions and is then taken to enrollment confirmation page

Students With IEPs

IEP requires Mild / Moderate Supports:

Family may follow standard processes: Current student → Enrolling at Expected School Current student → Applying to Choice School New to Jeffco → Enrolling at N’hood School New to Jeffco → Applying to Choice School

IEP requires more intensive supports (e.g. Center Program):

Student will be directly placed at an appropriate school or program by a member of the Special Education department.

Board Policy JFBA Summary

1) Only one enrollment offer per student may be in “accepted” status at any given time

2) Enrollment offers expire after 5 days (expiration may be waived by school)

3) “Siblings” defined → Siblings by birth, step-siblings, adopted, and foster siblings. Also included are children subject to legal guardianship or other children related by blood or marriage living with the currently enrolled student’s family in a regular parent-child relationship and who are dependent upon the current student’s parent/guardian(s) for support.

4) “Child of Staff” defined → Solely defined as first-degree children by birth, step-children, adopted children, and foster children.

5) Accommodation will be made for siblings applying together (once one has been offered enrollment, the other is bumped up to sibling status)

6) Once a family has accepted an enrollment offer, the new school is considered their “home” school (to enroll in neighborhood school, they‘ll need to submit a Round 2 application, and enrollment is not guaranteed)

7) Once a student attends a school, they may continue to attend until their grade level is no longer served (choice application required to stay)

Know Anyone Interested in Manning?

Our StuCo leaders and Ms. Templeton will be leading tours every Wednesday afternoon during Access Time. If anyone you know would like a tour, tell them to arrive at 1:45 on any Wednesday. Please help us spread the word! If any current students have a younger sibling who plans on attending Manning, they are welcome to join a tour!

Vocabulary Bowl Winners

We have some winners! The following students are Manning's top scorers in the Vocabulary Bowl for December -- past winners excluded:

  • Kalani Bauszus
  • Sawyer Johns
  • Julie Kaufholz
  • Maddie Stubenrauch
  • Mathew Clifford
  • Abigail Clawson
  • Sophie Kurtz
  • Preston Baker

Congratulations. And, thanks for making The Manning School of Academics and the Arts #9 in Colorado, #5 out of all the middle and high schools participating in Colorado, and #4 in our Division! Logon to, learn some words, and earn us #1 again this year! Stay tuned for January's top scorers!

Hello Manning 6th Grade Families,

Questions about Outdoor Lab? Please check out this slideshow for all information regarding Outdoor Lab, plus daily pictures to see our Manning students in action! This slideshow can be found on Putnam/Burg's websites as well.

Monday, 01/14: Students should arrive at 7:50 am with 1 trash bag/duffel bag (sleeping bag/pillow), 1 bag (clothes, personal belongings etc.), and 1 back pack (day pack). At the school - Mount Evans students will place luggage on the green tarps near the buses and Windy Peak students will place luggage on the blue tarps. Please make sure your student eats breakfast as there will be no snack before lunch.

Friday, 01/18: Manning will send out a messenger as to when you may pick up your student. It will be around 1-2 pm.

Letters: If you would like to send a letter to your student please place them in the office with your student's name, their site, and what date you want them to open the letters.

Medicine: Please bring medicine to the office in the original container with this form filled out.

Camera Hike Special Interest Class: If your student is taking this class, please pack a disposable camera or a digital camera with extra, charged batteries.

We wanted to provide you with some important reminders and dates regarding our 6th Grade Outdoor Lab. If you are participating in the King Soopers fundraiser, you have until March 23rd to use those cards to help contribute towards your student's $350 Outdoor Lab fee. After March 23rd, you will be responsible to pay any balance remaining by April 5th.

For those of you not participating in the King Soopers card fundraiser, the deadline to have the $350 fee paid is April 5th. If it would help you to make your payments in increments, please feel free to do so by contacting our financial secretary Jade Zentz at 303-982-6226. You can make payments over the phone with a credit card. You may also log onto Jeffco Connect and pay the $350 in full at any time.

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Manning Yearbooks & 8th Grade Well Wishes Are on Sale Now

2018-19 Manning Yearbooks are on sale from fall until March 8, 2019.

Packages and A la Carte prices: click here
Purchase all yearbooks online at
Manning yearbook code is: 12208119
Yearbook Purchase Deadline: March 8, 2019.

8th grade Well Wishes: $10 (1/4 page advertisement)
Well Wishes Due Date: Feb 15, 2018

8th Grade Well Wishes

8th Grade well wishes is a $10 1/4 page advertisement add-on to the price of a yearbook. Be sure to submit a photograph and dedication to Lifetouch by February 15, 2019 in order to be included in the yearbook, follow the instructions below:

Your 8th Grade Well Wish must be submitted online at:

Community Image Upload Site Access Code: ALAZBC

1. Upload your Image. (Please only submit 1 image for your student) Images must be at least 300 dpi and only jpg or tiff images are accepted.
2. List your students name under the Keyword
3. Type your dedication under the description
4. Change category to 8th grade Well Wishes
5. Press Submit.

PLC Update

This past Wednesday, we met as an entire staff and:

  • celebrated good things that happened at Manning throughout the first semester
  • shared updates from our department head meeting on Tuesday
  • then teachers broke into content teams to discuss business within their departments

Invitation from PTA to Join Meeting

Please join the PTA for our General Meeting on Wednesday, January 16 at 8:30 am in the Conference room. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

We love our new HEART shirts! We used Emmy Leu's contest winning design.

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At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Mr. Rubin is a great understanding person that always stays calm under pressure.
  • I nominate Mr. Fulton because he always cares about his students and pushes them to do and be the best they can. Although at times his class may be hard its only preparing you for the future. He is a really great teacher.


  • Leah Coggins thoughtfully selected a seat in class that would allow her to be successful and focused.
  • Mr. Jonson always helps our class learn. In leadership and in business class he always makes the class fun and interesting. He always teaches in unique ways and I always can't wait to go to his class! Thank you Mr. Jonson!
  • Stella Meyer is such a good friend and is always cheerful and optimistic. She is always making people around her laugh and she never complains.
  • Mr. Crawford is truly dedicated to making learning fun. He puts effort into his lessons and encourages his students to engage in what their learning about. I never thought that I could retain so much important information about history, while having a great time!
  • Gianna Bergren gave an effort in learning
  • Sadie Powers is always is willing to help me out with any school work such as math or essays.
  • Yesterday Mr.Hughes made an effort to make his class even more engaging by doing a cool activity where we simulated what it was like to be slaves and the whole process of how they became slaves.
  • Ms. Retke is always helpin out and is super nice
  • Mrs. Keodonexay is a phenomenal teacher because she always goes out of her way to get to know her students on a personal level. She also makes sure that all of her students understand the materials.
  • Sydney Joy spent the little bit of time she had between getting home from school at 4 o'clock and gymnastics at 5 o'clock doing homework she was even a little late to gym so all her homework was done.
  • The janitors work so hard to clean up the messes that we make, and they stay late everyday to make the school clean the next day for us, and they do a phenomenal job.
  • Mrs. Keodonexay shows so much effort as a teacher, she is always prepared and has never failed her end of the deal. She is always on top of it and has us learning from the beginning of class to the end of class.
  • When Mr. Gordon realized that my science class was over filled and we would have a sub all semester he took the time to look at all the kids in that class who took STE<M first semester to make science a little easier for Mrs. Jacobs
  • Luke Dempsey is a focused and dedicated learner who is always willing to help, and cheer up everyone around him.
  • Mr. Johnson is AN AMAZING TEACHER
  • Lauren Rossano is a great friend and is such a hard worker. She puts effort into everything she does and cheers up everyone!
  • Mr. Jonson always puts in his best effort to help the students complete there work, and help them when they are stressed.
  • Ms. Agard always helps her students have fun in math class while learning.
  • Nora Ambro always puts in a lot of effort in ELA to get her work done efficiently and on time.
  • Mary Weekley is always outgoing and cheerful.
  • Mary Weekley is always outgoing and nice to everyone. She also always ha a positive attitude toward school.
  • The announcement crew is willing to take time out of their days to make the announcements when they can be doing other things.
  • Noah Harris helped me with a snare drum part that was really difficult.
  • Mr. Hageman makes sure class is always fun and he's really thoughtful to other people and due dates.


  • Kate Kringel self-directed herself to get to work on an extension project. She didn't need to be asked or reminded about her expectations. Nice job, Kate!
  • Aevry Greene is so nice and makes me feel better she is so fun and the funniest.
  • Mr. Jonson is always helping everyone with any problem they have.
  • Anneke Powell is a great partner and pushes the people who get off task to get back on task. I am going to miss her next year because she is not going to to same school as me.
  • Mr. Hovinen is always really funny and understanding. He always says hi to me in the hallways and he brightens up my day. Thank you Mr. Hovinen!


  • Ms. Pouliot is so good at respecting everyone. She recognizes and values different learning styles, communication styles, and problem solving styles. She uses these insights to ensure we are meeting the needs of all community members.
  • Ms. Agard demonstrated respect for her students by creating class norms with them that allowed all students' voices to be heard.
  • Devyn and Maddy always make me feel happy when I am down. They make my day brighter. They are some of they best friends I could ever have. Thank you for always being there for me!
  • Tianna Perez is always really nice to everyone and she's always there for her friends.
  • Ms. Edoff always respects me and recognizes me when I work as her T.A. she is an amazing teacher and I wish she was the librarian at my next school.
  • Anthony Angelino and Max Seigal always know how to make you laugh if you are felling down.
  • Mr. Crawford is an amazing teacher and always makes an effort to teach students in a way that is fun and engaging all while efficiently teaching students important information. He always offers students extra help and is understanding and flexible in a responsible way. I always look forward to coming to Social Studies and learning.
  • Chase is kind friend to many and respects the adults he meets and he is always there to help you
  • I nominate Luke Dempsey because he is a really good friend and he always helps me with book reports. He is always so positive and genuine you can always count on him to make you laugh or smile. Thanks Luke for being a pal.
  • Ms. Hughes is very kind and respects every student that goes into her classroom and treats them with kindness
  • Matthis Joens is a very good friend and is always nice.
  • Tianna Perez always has a smile on her face and that smile is very contagious, and she is always nice to everyone she knows, and is never negative.
  • Mrs. Zamora is always making jokes and making math class fun. She tries so hard to teach us and doesnt ever give up!
  • Kohei Shimada makes you laugh and he is super nice. He also lets you make fun of him.


  • Ms. Agard's 4th Period Class was profoundly honest and reflective when creating their classroom norms for this semester. They are excited for a semester of growth and holding each other accountable to the highest standards of collaboration and work.
  • The 6th grade team has done a wonderful job preparing for Outdoor Lab in a thoughtful way that will allow all 6th graders to have a wonderful, positive experience in the mountains next week.
  • Greta Runge respected the science equipment and was very aware of her surroundings.
  • Sadie Powers is a great friend and she is always willing to help her friends
  • Luke Dempsey is always doing his best to make others feel included during projects, and he is very nice to everyone.
  • Mrs Keodonexay is always respecting her students and there privacy. But when they need her help she is always there for them.
  • Luke is a great leader and always makes everyone laugh. He's pretty nice and a great debater. He is very dedicated to his opinion and is always up to share and participate.

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.