Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

April 4th - 8th

Important Updates

  • I hope you had a wonderful Easter and spring break. I went to Florida to visit family, and I can say honestly, it is hard to come back to work. But, onward we go!

  • Electricity bedroom project is due Tuesday. Each day that it is late, will be 10 points lower on the grade. Reminder that this is a test grade.

  • Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help out at Field Day. It was a success due to all the parent help (and a bit of help from the weather department). See some pictures below of the kiddos and their buddies.

  • The students will be competing a simulation reading test on Friday afternoon. There is nothing to prepare for with this test, so no stress!

  • This Thursday, I will be sending home a permission slip for our final two field trips. On Wednesday, April 20th, we will going to Pamplin Park Civil War Museum. Then on Monday, April 25th our class will be going to the Virginia Historical Society to the exhibit on Virginia. It is a great review of all the history of Virginia and has been recently renovated. The fee for both trips is combined.

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


Mrs. Dearmon's Math Class

  • Monday we will be continuing this week with our unit on measurement. Today we work with metric length including millimeters, centimeters, and meters.

  • Tuesday we convert between metric length measurements.

  • Wednesday we move into customary weight with ounces, pounds, and tons. The students will also be converting between these measurements. There will also be an IA quiz on measurement using a ruler online.

  • Thursday we will be working with metric mass using grams and kilograms.

  • Friday we will be making the Big G to help with customary liquid measurements and conversions.

We will continue for the next two weeks with the multiplication speed tests. Please continue to review. At the end of the nine weeks, we will schedule a time for eating ice cream sundaes that were built during the challenge.

Ms. Olmeda's Math Class

  • We will finish up our elapsed time unit. The students will have their test this Wednesday.

  • Immediately following the test, we will begin working on division. Students will bring home various methods for division. Please allow your child to teach you the various methods they learn. It is important that the students are familiar and comfortable with the various modalities associated with division.

Reader's Workshop

  • Independent reading each day.
  • This week we will be completing DRA testing for those students not on the benchmark of a 40 independent. All the students who are on benchmark, will again be completing a running record and comprehension sheet to insure that your child is making progress.
  • The students will also be completing a cold read test this week broken into one passage a day. This will count as a summative grade for this quarter.
  • Newspaper and spectrum will be completed this week.

Writer's Workshop

  • We continue with the writing process of our biographies.
  • The focus this week will be to complete the final copy of the biography so I can work on grading them this next weekend.
  • Then the students will be creating "paper people" to display the report.


Boo hoo!!! Science will be put on hold for a few weeks due to Virginia Studies "catch up" time. Since we have an SOL in this subject, this is our priority right now.

Virginia Studies

  • I will be teaching the students the remaining Virginia Studies units for the year.

  • This week we work on the Civil War in Virginia. The students will still be getting interactive notes, but I will be providing the pictures to speed up the process.

  • The homework will continue to be creating questions and answers, plus coloring of the pictures to review what was learned that day.