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Dear First Grade Parents,

The children have been learning about states of matter. Through experimentation with solids, liquids, and gases students have discovered different properties. They know that solids have their own shape and the particles are close together. Using meter sticks and pan balances, we measured the height and mass of a solid object. Students were delighted to make density tubes by layering liquids with varying densities. First we predicted which liquid would be the heaviest and then we carefully, poured four liquids into our test tubes. By pouring water in different vessels, these young scientists confirmed that liquids take the shape of their container. They measured liquids using graduated cylinders, learned about milliliters and discovered that 1 gram cube will displace exactly 1 mL of volume. They conducted a viscosity test and learned that glue is more viscous than water. When learning about gas in January, students will conduct experiments trying to make a car or a “watch-a-ma-call-it” move by propelling it using only a balloon. A “watch-a-ma-call-it” is a paper bag/straw contraption, but “watch-a-ma-call-it” is much more fun to say.

Thank you for sharing your children with me.

Enjoy your break!

Carpe Diem,
Diana Matthews

Elementary Science Educator

Cute video of your kids. (see below)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events- STEM session 2 will start immediately when we get back from break (1/5). Sign up will go live December 22nd or 23rd. You will need to put in all of your information…again, but it will be good for the 2016 year. It should be listed under the Sumer Programs button on the portal.

Family Engineering Night is back and will be better than ever! Mrs. Morgan and I have been planning like crazy. Monday, February 1st - more details to come after break.

Please consider taking a pet home over break- Cinnabon, the Guinea Pig or Princess Yoda, the little dwarf hamster ;)