Get Your Lastes Gossip On The War

By Bianca and Erika

In this report my partner and I would be talking about if war is a good or a bad thing. Even though we may have our differences will often come down to an agreement, when my partner and I were talking we actually agree that war is a bad thing.We also may agree but will have different ideas on how to handle the situation, will both give in our input.

Our Opinion On War

My partner and I both agree that war isn't necessary and shouldn't be happening because both sides are grown men and they should just come and settle it. War is rough,there was a war happening at the Dog Green Center,it was a war between the soldiers on June 6,1944. When soldiers go to war they are risking their lives because they are over there trying to protect our country, we don't know how or what is going down there but sometimes we can just imagine the most horrible things. War is really unnecessary because why are we putting our men in danger ? They're going down to this country, not knowing if they're going to make it or not, sometimes war get's so horrible that they're soldiers covering themselves with the dead bodies they do this to protect themselves from getting shot. War is one of the ugliest things people can go through, instead of going to war we should just face each other face to face and settled our differences.