AVID Newsletter

May 2022

Have a WONDERFUL summer!

Thank you, our AVID community, for a fantastic school year! I appreciate all of your support and I continue to be amazed and impressed as I watch our AVID students grow into thoughtful students and focused young adults.

To our graduating seniors, thank you for choosing to make AVID a part of our journey. I hope you will take the lessons and skills you have learned with you as you enter the next phase of your life. I have no doubt that you will be successful in whatever path you choose. Please keep in touch!!!


Heather Dyke

AVID Celebration a Huge Success!

On Monday, May 9th, we hosted our annual AVID Celebration and Senior Recognition ceremony. The event was put together by our own AVID Juniors. They chose the theme of the Olympics: Together for a Shared Future. The event started with snacks, a slide show, and a photo station. Then, we went into the CCA recital hall to give out awards and recognize the accomplishments of our graduating seniors. It was a fun and special night.

Welcome incoming AVID students!

On Thursday, Mrs. Dyke, AVID Senior Jazz Lariosa, and AVID Juniors Drea Berry, Stephanie Contreras, and Natalie Coleman, traveled to Andersen and Willis Jr. High to deliver AVID acceptance letters and some awesome Chandler swag to welcome them to the CHS AVID program!

EPIC AVID Tutorial Session

On 5/20, the last Friday before final exams, our AVID Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen got together for a HUGE AVID tutorial session. We had 10 groups of students collaborating to review for their final exams. Each student had to bring a question or problem from one of their final exam study guides. After an hour of studying, they enjoyed a dessert potluck! It was a great way to end the school year and prepare for finals.

AVID Students recognize teachers using AVID strategies

This month, each AVID student was asked to recognize one of their teachers that incorporates AVID strategies in their lessons. Students filled out a certificate of recognition and they were given to the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Thank you to all all our AMAZING Chandler teachers that value and incorporate these evidence-based teaching strategies. It helps our students be successful when they see us all using similar strategies.

WICOR Strategies for Chandler Teachers

Instead of sharing strategies for teaching your students, I am sharing some "WICOR" strategies for teachers to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES over our well-deserved summer break!

Wander - take time this summer to get out and travel

Invest in your health - spend time taking care of your physical and mental health

Connect - use this time to connect with your family and friends that you have not seen in a while

Offline - we spend so much time on our computers and devices, dedicate some time to unplug and disconnect

Relax - be sure to schedule some time this summer to do absolutely NOTHING!