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In the News...

The children are doing much better in the classroom, and I was very proud of them Wednesday. Mrs. Miller came to visit our classroom and see all the great things happening. They worked hard as a team. and showed her how we have "Unity in our Community". I know it won't be long before we fill up our Wowser Jar and have our first Wowser Party!

In Letterland we focused on Giant All. We sang the “all song” this week and the kids loved it! We read a poem about Giant All and learned the Letterland story for him. Ask your child if he/she can share Giant All’s story with you. They enjoyed practicing their spelling words by playing the game titled: Fishing with Firefighter Fred.

This week we focused on Fall. We had two great stories for our Book of the Week. The first story was fiction and it was titled: Fall Mixed Up. This was such a cute story that shared many of the Fall changes, but things were a little mixed up. The children were able to use the illustrations and the details from the story to share what was all mixed up! Our second book was a a non-fiction book titled: Awesome Autumn. This book taught us lots of information about Fall. Our objective was to ask questions about important details in the book. After sharing what we knew about Fall, the boys and girls worked in collaborative groups to create questions that they had about this awesome season. They recorded their questions on a sticky note and we posted it on our question page. They had a great variety of questions. On Thursday & Friday we worked to answer our questions and did an informational writing about the things we learned about Fall. We created a Glogster to share about all the changes that happen in Fall. Check it out at the bottom of this page. Then to have a little fun, we created a fall tree with construction paper and paint. The children had a blast!!!

To integrate Literacy with Social Studies, we talked a lot about collaborative groups and working as a team. We heard the story: The Crayon Box that Talked and the children worked collaboratively to create a fall picture with their team. Afterwards, we watched a cute 3 min. animated video on the Power of Teamwork and then we got a pep talk from Kid President. It was not only fun but a great opportunity to learn to collaborate & compromise!

For Writer's workshop, the kids are still working on creating their Three Little Pigs story. Hopefully we will finish these up next week so we can create a technology project with it.

This week in math we began to look at the relationships between addition and subtraction (especially with the unknowns). We also played a card game to build number sense. The game was much like war. To play the game, each player picked two cards and had to make the greatest number for example: if I picked a 1 and a 4 I would make 41 because it is larger than 14. Then the players would compare their numbers to see which was greater. Whoever had the greatest number wins all the cards! The kids loved this game =).

Conferences wrapped up this week. Thank you to everyone for attending your conference and showing such great interest in your child’s learning. You guys are great advocates for your children and together I know we will be able to help your child make tremendous growth! Thank you all for your support. I truly enjoyed speaking with each of you. Remember report cards go home on Wednesday; this date was changed by WCPSS.

Please take the time to read the notes section at the bottom of the newsletter as their is some important information for you all. Also, if you were planning on attending Movie Night at WSES, that has been canceled due to the weather. It will be rescheduled!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay dry and I will see you next week!

~Ms. Gower


  • Handbook- We are sending home the WCPSS parent/student handbook today in a concise version. You can find the handbook in its entirety on the WCPSS website at The school board requests that each parent sign and return the form on the last page of the booklet indicating that you have reviewed the information. Just tear off the last page and send it in with your child on Monday. Thank you for your continued support!
  • Movie- Movie night has been rescheduled for Oct. 9th.
  • Book Fair- Look in your child's Friday Folder for info on the book fair. It begins Oct. 19 and runs through the 23rd. Family Night will be Oct. 23rd from 6-8 pm.
  • Scholastic Book Orders- I will be submitting these orders first thing Wed. morning. If you plan on ordering any books please do so before 11:40. Orders will be processed at that time on the 30th.

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