Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


The problem was that the tornado happened and it hit their house. It almost hit the farm in Phillips it made there family split apart. it almost killed them. The solution was that they all found each other, repaired there house and lived there life, but sadly Mrs. Smiley died. Another problem was that a tornado hit there house. It destroyed it, the house was gone. The solution was that they finally fixed there house, they were all happy.


Beginning, is that there were warnings of tornados but they did not know. They heard at the last second they herd the warning. Dan and Arthur get in the basement and there mom and dad weren't with them.

Middle, the tornado hit Dan's street It was the second powerful tornado in the world it was an F4 and it blew Dan's house over the ceiling in the basement they almost got killed it was close.

End, the tornado was over They got out of the basement They saw everything Dan's house was gone Dan started to cry but Dan herd a voice it was Stacey's They made it through the rumble and when they got out of it there mom was there they were so excited. But there dad was in was in a different town There was tornado warning's there He was in a barn they drove there and they were almost swallowed up by a tornado but they made it past.But then they got put in a jail sail for one night but that morning they got out and they found there dad and they drove back They got there house fix but Mrs. Smiley got so injured she sadly died.

Main Characters

Other Important Parts


It took place at the Beach when it was five o'clock and there was tornado warning. It also took place at Dan's house at 8 o'clock when the tornado hit and blew over there house. Another place was in Phillips a year later after the tornado where there was another tornado and I think that is all.

Other Important Characters

Ronnie Vae, Mom, Dad, Mrs. Smiley, Aunt Goldie, Ryan and that is all.