LSD Awareness

Don't do it!!!

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What is LSD

LSD is known as Lysergic acid Diethylamide. LSD is a very strong hallucinogen drug it alters your brain function and thoughts. I't is also known by these names acid, blotter, cubes, microdot, yellow sunshine, blue heaven, and Cid.

When it was founded

Many people believe it was founded in 1938 in fungus that grows on rye and other grains. Also other people believe it was discovered in 1930's by a Swiss chemist named Albert Hoffman.
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The risk

LSD is not only a mind distorting drug buts it's also has other fatal effects. LSD can cause nerve damage to the Brain and spinal cord. It also throws off visual detection, change of moods rapidly, it also speeds up the heart causing heart attacks, and death. LSD can cause high body temperature or dangerously low body temperature. All these risk add up to becoming frighted of things, terrifying thoughts, and lose of thought. This can become hard for you to realize that you're in reality this can lead for unexpected deaths and mindless actions.

Physical Properties and How it's Taken

LSD is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. LSD can be taken orally, injections, or a special jelloton form can be put into the eye and absorbed through the eye, and can be put under the tongue.
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Long term affects

LSD is not only fatal it can also have deadly affects on the body. Here are some examples complete loss of brain function, coma, subconsciousness actions and thoughts, flash backs from years and years ago, loss in brain tissue, loss of muscle control and increased blood pressure or increase chance for heart attack.
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The Dead Line

The Dead line is that LSD is a harmful, and dangerous drug that can throw off things you do on a ordinary day seems like you never did it before. Think about it this drug is slowly eating away at your brain, body and soul, and this can result in deadly mistakes and actions and at the end off all this you can mind up dead. Its your choice!!!
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