Fashion in the 1920s

Coco Chanel

The Importance of Fashion in the 1920s

The passage of the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. As a result, they got jobs and were making money that they were looking to spend. This new wealth allowed women to buy dresses, hats etc. from the Coco Chanel fashion line. Fashion was a very important part of the 1920s.

How Coco Chanel got started

Gabrielle Coco Chanel was born August 19, 1883. Chanel started in fashion after failing to find work as a singer. Coco was a french fashion designer in Paris. She opened a boutique in Paris called Chanel Models. Chanel wanted to expand, so made a bigger business called Parfums Chanel, they sold clothes, perfumes and cologne in 1913.

Coco's clothing line

Coco Chanel was a popular designer, and still is a popular line today. She made shirts, dresses, hats, purses, perfume, cologne. Coco also was a singer, but then failed at that. She kept dreaming, and followed her dreams, and decided to start a clothing line. She sent a message to the country and inspired people; when they fail, just to keep going. Coco's line consisted of perfume, cologne, dresses, hats and purses. The Coco Chanel clothing line was/is a very successful.

Coco's Accomplishments

Coco Chanel invented the phrase “The little black dress.” She invented this to represent chic and sophisticated simplicity. Her clothing line is still running today, and by her achievements. She is a well known fashion designer to this day. Coco was also one of 20th century’s first experts at self-promotion to further her business.

Coco Chanel's Line Today

The Coco Chanel brand has been around since the 1920s and still is a popular to this day. She is still well known throughout America, from her beautiful pieces of clothes and her achievements.

Mini Bio: Coco Chanel