Ms. Smith's 4th Grade Class

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This week at school!

Writing- Students are finishing up their descriptive essays on a monster he/she came up with and then the students will have a chance to draw someone else's monster based on their descriptive writing. Then, the students will start writing a personal narrative. Daily review on grammar concepts and this week they will focus on writing dialogue and reflexive pronouns.

Reading/Social Studies - Students are learning about Texas Indians. Students are researching and writing about the Indian Tribe they chose. The students have chosen an artifact they will make at home and bring to school by Thursday of next week. The students will present their information and artifact to the class as part of our Tejas Museum.

Math - Students will multiplying and dividing this week. They will be expected to solve with fluency one and two step problems involving multiplication and division, including remainders.

Science - We are finishing up the unit on Matter, Force, Motion, and Energy this week. This students will have their Unit Test for Science on Friday the 16th.