Summer 2015

What I will do.


During summer vacation I will be moving to Iowa. We were thinking about settling in Waukee, Iowa. The area has a nice wrestling program and football program, making it a prime destination.
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Right after school, the freshman weights program starts. I will have to get up earlier than I do for school (5:30). Having this program is beneficial to me and others who attend. Lifting weights and perform good exercises is fun to me. Although the work is at times hard, it rewards you with strength.
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I plan to make money this summer by mowing lawns before moving. I would break out my lawn mower and do a nice job mowing lawns at the luxury of riding. I charge $5 an hour and if they are not satisfied, I will mow extra until they are (unpaid for extra hours).
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Whenever I have some free time (mostly on Sundays) I go around and help pick up trash on the side of roads. I usually go from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on my runs. And if that isn't available, I help my uncle with anything he needs done around the farm.
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After weights I break out my racket and head down to the park to do some tennis practice. I plan to do tennis in high school so practicing now is essential. Of course when we move I will have to find a new instructor, but whatever happens will not effect my goals.
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Video Games

My summer is going to be plenty busy, so to get some R&R I play some video games after activities. It is a great way to relax and enjoy the rest of an eventful day and helps release some stress.
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