Are surveillance cameras good?

Why is it good

  • Video evidence. High-resolution footage and sound recordings let you capture everything that happens on your property. Even if the main purpose is to catch criminals who attempt to steal from your inventory or vandalize the property, you could end up capturing far more than intended. For example, with sound recording, you may pick up on foul play among your employees or record instances of harassment. With audio and video evidence, you have everything you need to shore up legal cases that arise.

Why is bad

suppose you’re walking home one night, alone, and you decide to take a shortcut through a dark alley. You make it halfway through, when suddenly you hear some drunks stumbling behind you. Some of them are shouting curses. There are several of them. Nonetheless, you feel safe, because you know someone is watching.

What we choose

Most people choose to like surveillance cameras because the world is more safer with cameras.63% of people like cameras so the world go with cameras.