Electronic Egos

The internet is an outlet for self praise and egomaniacs

Today's Media

Media is the modern day gossip. Whether it is meaningless drama or major world news, the media covers it. The Media is responsible for sharing information, facts, updates, and more using sites, blogs, and television. Turn on the television, the radio, the computer, even your phone. The media has become something that defines us as a culture. Years from now other societies will be able to learn so much about us just from our media. Any important event is documented forever in our media. Not only is media a fun, entertaining tool for our culture, it also plays a major role in the business world. In this modern day setting nearly any job you find will be greatly involved with the media. Some businesses create new media, some use media to advertise, and others look to the media to acquire pertinent information. Aside from pop-culture and the business world, the media is a key player in the world of politics. The news media covers any and all political affairs. Being media literate is an essential to make it in today’s society. To be media literate one must be able to interpret as well as understand how to access the superfluous amount of information the media has to offer. Through today’s media it’s almost as if we’ve created a new encyclopedia. The media documents historic events, natural disasters, and even personal social media information. All of this will remain permanent. Media can be an amazing tool, but should be used with great care. Our generation is leaving behind a digital legacy.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"


Liz Strickland


2nd block Media Literacy

February 10th 2014

Budwiser’s beer commercial, “Puppy Love” (2/2/2014); creates an emotional attachment to its product through the means of animals and relationships. The commercial depicts an inseparable bond between a horse and a puppy, which results in creating a relationship between their owners. The purpose of the commercial is to get an emotional reaction from views in order to create an emotional attachment to the product being advertised. The intended audience is any American animal lover established by the commercial’s old fashion American values, along with a heart warming story of two furry friends.

Government Encourages Recreational Use of Cocaine, Heroine, and Meth

Liz Strickland, Staff Reporter

March 19th 2014

A bill originating from Colorado State Representatives was passed yesterday legalizing the recreational use of once illegal drugs: heroine, cocaine, and meth in all 50 states.

Not only was the bill passed but recreational use of the substances is actually encouraged by lawmakers, government officials, and even schools. In fact recent studies show that frequent use of the drugs have led to improved work ethic in both schools and businesses, prolonged memory in dementia patients, and healthy weight loss.

We interviewed users today to hear it from the source. A male Harvard Law student says, “Yes, my grades have increased a full 2% since I started using cocaine.” We interviewed a woman in her late 40’s as well about her dramatic weight loss success. She states, “I couldn’t have done it without cocaine. It’s the best thing to ever happen to me.” Later we discovered she also has a mother with early onset dementia whose symptoms disappeared within a week of shooting up heroine.

So there you have it friends: The new America, a drug friendly country. Thanks for watching.

The Failed Revolution

You wouldn't know it now but back in the 1700’s American colonies didn't like being “colonies”. There was a great deal of conflict including taxes, government control, and several other unimportant topics. For whatever reason, our ancestors found a need to try and over throw our mother country, Great Britain. After the immature stunt (done by the terrorists of that period) of dumping hundreds of pounds of tea into the harbor, our great king of England, King George 111, ordered a heavy military presence for all colonies in America. American colonists now had English soldiers at every street corner making sure no acts of terrorism would arise. This unfortunately was not enough to stop the irrational acts of rebellion from happening.

What the American colonists of that day didn't understand was that they would never be able to form their own government. They were far too weak and under developed to even try and compete with a world power like England. America would only ever be able to prosper with the guidance of its mother country. Regardless of this well known fact, the colonists wouldn't rest. The heavy military presence along with an imposed curfew still wasn't enough to tame the restless rebels. Because of the growing conflict, King George III had to declare war on the American colonies.

King George III knew the war wouldn't last too long. In fact it’s hard to call it a war while it only lasted a month. Most of the rebels were put to death for treason after the war came to an end. Any and all citizens guilty of encouraging the rebels were also tried and most often put to death.

Once all the “non-believers” or rebels were done away with the King and his parliament both decided that the colonies would need to be governed in a far different way, in order to secure control. The King was fond of how the English government operated, but yearned for more control over the colonist. This is why he ultimately set up a Theocracy. He appointed George Washington, the anti-rebellion leader to be the “head of state” for the colonies.

After this historical event in history Christianity was the one and only religion to be practiced in the United States. There were no more individualized governments. All clothing, food, and housing was to be assigned and rationed by the government. From here on there would be no more freedom of speech. Freedom of thought is now becoming dangerous with the new technologies.

While there were more rules imposed, our colonies prospered. Farming improved, crimes decreased, and the death rate even declined. Without our mother country England taking complete control who knows where we’d be today? This is why we now celebrate the fourth of July by recognizing all of England’s help and guidance. And to think… if we hadn't stayed under their control, we may not have the beautiful accents we have today. In all seriousness though, thank goodness the rebels failed at revolting.

1984 Free Response

I was very disappointed by the ending of 1984. Orwell left no hope for human compassion or love. I would have had Winston and Julia over come the brain washing of the party. I feel that no amount of brain washing can take away true love. I agreed with the way Orwell portrayed the corrupt government in the book. It is actually scary how real the ideas were in the book. The distorted reality of the book was intriguing.

Media Literacy Reflection

I think it is awesome that this class was changed from British Literature last year, to Media Literacy this year. The class is a lot more relevant to today’s society. It is very beneficial especially for us seniors who are about to go out into the real world.

The course focused on modern day literature in multiple forms of media. While most language arts classes focus on reading famous old texts. We spent the majority of our time in the “here and now” talking about today’s realities. While the history of literature is important, I enjoyed learning about current literature in the media. It’s a way better use of our time to learn about things going on in today’s world.

I took away a lot more from this class than I thought I would. I assumed we would spend most of our time just talking about twitter or Instagram. Instead, we took these social media tools and connected them to far more complex ideas. We explored the world of dystopia’s in connection with the dangers of social media and other technologies used for communication. Ultimately the class made me more aware of the negative repercussions that come with the power of modern day media.

Over all I enjoyed all elements of the class. I liked how many in class discussions we had over 1984. The discussions helped me notice the more complex ideas in Orwell’s text. I also was a fan of watching V for Vendetta. That movie set the tone for most of this course. I honestly don’t think I would change anything about the course.