California Sunday Weekly

By Seth R.

Interviewing time: Jenna Fox edition!

Hello America! Today I handsome interviewer Seth Randell will be interviewing The infamous Jenna Fox from the Chronicles of Jenna Fox! Jenna is currently at age of 260 and lives in California!

CSW: Hello Jenna we have a few questions to ask you during this interview! How do you feel not being able to taste the delicacy of delicious food?

JF: Well Seth it majorly stinks not being able to taste good food.I cant even taste the best of all nick-knacks.... Hot Chocolate!

CSW: Okay thank you for your answer! Do you worry that your daughter may get the same genetics as you (meaning bio-gel)?

JF: Yes Seth I do worry! We have checked with doctors and ran a few tests but nothing yet. We can only hope for the best!

CSW: So do you plan on moving anytime soon?

JF: Probably not I would rather live and stay in California because, this house was a gift from a deep friend of mine and I would rather keep this house. But if I were to move I would move back to Boston!

CSW: Do you have any plans for your daughter Kayla?

JF: I thought it through and I might actually home school Kayla. I don't wanna risk her safety to anyone who might take her.

CSW: If you don't mind me asking. Are you ever going to marry again after Ethan?

JF: No I don't think so. Nobody can replace the life I had with him. I just don't want to replace the great memories I had with him.

CSW: So are there more people like you in this world?

JF: Yes there are many more were even trying make our selves legal! Allys and me started a petition and everything!

CSW: Do you ever wonder what had happened do your friend Mr. Bender?

JF: Yes I do. One day hes here and the other he isn't but its been to long he may not be alive anymore.

CSW: Are you able to most things people do regularly now?

JF: No not everything but most things. I would rather stay out of the public to avoid unwanted attention.

CSW: Are you having any problems so far with your body?

JF: There are a few glitches here and then but I can try and work out the kinks. In fact I have had a couple lately and so has Allys but nothing serious.

CSW: Lastly... How does it feel not being able to sleep? Does it bug you?

JF: It feels terrible at times but I dream out loud all the time if I'm ever going to awake from the nightmare I'm in. It does bug me but it doesn't matter to me anymore.

Obituary for Locke Jenkings

In remembrance of Locke Jenkings

Locke Jenkings a shy but usually eccentric boy. Locke had died due to a car crash at a high speed. Locke wasn't the one driving though. Kara Manning was the one driving the car with her friend Jenna in the back. Locke died at the age 16. They all died in the crash none of them survived. His parents were devastated after they had found out. May Locke rest in peace.

National News Now!

Breaking News!

This Just in news the FSEB has changed its position on what it means to be people due to Jenna Fox and her friend Allys. This has been changed so that now a single person may contain 90% of Bio-Gel. This now makes Jenna Fox legal due to the change in law. But will this affect the people in the society? It may affect the people because, they may be scared of a person who may not be a human being.

the laws concerning on whether you may be Human or not should be limited to those who do not deserve the privilege (such as those in a prison or with an insecure background). Even though the FSEB has a lot of control over the people will this law stay forever or could it possibly be changed?

Even though a person may not be human what about us what separates us from the others. Now lets ask ourselves... What makes us human? Is it our ability to taste food? Yes that's it! Humans can taste the exotic taste of food but they cant. And our blood is different. If we had accidentally cut ourselves our blood would be red but if they did their blood would be blue.

A person can now receive a higher amount of additional help from the FSEB. adue to change in law and terms of the FSEB people can now have an additional amount of higher points for Bio-Gel.

Their may be people who will disobey the new laws from the FSEB. If there are the consequences may be severe. They may land themselves in prison for a brief time or have points taken away for using Bio-Gel. Lets just hope nobody will disobey these laws.

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