Christmas In Germany

Differences From the U.S.

December 21st, supposedly the shortest day (longest night) of the year, is dubbed St. Thomas Day.

How Do They Celebrate Christmas In Germany?

Many people spend the afternoon and evening decorating Christmas trees, attending church services, eating traditional dishes and opening Christmas presents.

Who Brings Gifts?

The person that brings gifts in Germany is Santa Claus or Father Christmas
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How Does Germany Decorate For Christmas?

They decorate by decorating the tree with cookies, fruit and eventually candles


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Are There Any Other Dates That They Celebrate Before Christmas?

December 6th =St. Nicholas Day , December 21st = St. Thomas Day.

What Foods Are Eaten In This Country

Long loaves of bread bursting with nuts, raisins, citron and dried fruit, white sausage, macaroni salad, and many regional dishes.