Latin America

Brazil, Brazila

  • Brazil is located on the southeast part of the country
  • Major locations are , Iquazu falls, and Pico da Bandeira
Most people in Brazila speak Portuguese. The main religion is Christianity.

Bolivia, Lapaz

  • Lapaz is located in the west-central part of south america and it borders Peru
  • Main places are Lake Titicaca, and lllimani Mountain
Most people in Lapaz speak spanish, and there main religion is Catholism

Bogota, Columbia

Bogota is located in Northern and southern heimsphere.

Major locations are Cartagena and Santa Marta

Most people speak Spanish, and are catholic

Beunos Airies, argentina

Buenos Aries is located on the southern part of south america and is boarded by Chile

Major places are San Juan and Boedo

Most of the people speak Spanish and are Catholic