Ms. Taylor Violette

Upcoming Class Topic For the Week

This week your child will be discovering and observing different kind of birds. Each day it will be a different kind of activity about birds to help strengthen your child's understanding and knowledge on them. Thursday they're will be a field trip to the Roaring Brook Nature center in Canton, CT. $4.00 is due Tuesday along with the permission slip!


Monday we will introduce birds and talk about what they eat. An activity we will complete will be a pine cone bird feeder. They will use glue and bird seeds to make their bird feeder. This will show your child what birds eat in everyday life.

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We will read three different books about birds. This will increase your child's knowledge on types of birds.


We will be learning and singing songs about birds! They're easy to look up at home, Just search the two links below.
Five Little Birds - Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics and Sing Along
One Bird Sitting in a Tree


Thursday we will have a field trip to Roaring Brook Nature center!

Field Trip to Roaring Brook Nature Center

Thursday, Dec. 4th, 9am

Canton, CT, United States

Canton, CT

We will be back at the school for 11:00 am. Your child will be provided a snack and juice, We will be looking at different kinds of birds and the director will guide us through!


Friday your child will be making their very own bird nest on a paper plate. They will use sticks and paper to make a bird in a nest to bring home to you.
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