Tony Varrato

Smmary of chapter 12

In this chapter Alex the main character of the story he reads on the cover of USA Today something that captures his eye.He read FBI Officer shot others dead in a car wreck.Then sully he has a flashback of the gun shot, the body falling and the silent scream.Then sully he like goes back in time in this mind. Now Alex did not exist he was now Danny Torbert a kid with a two parents however when his dad's work friends came over occasionally he had to go upstairs to his room.Steve Danny's dad's friend was the one that came over the most he was mostly the only friendly with Danny but one day Steve came with a tall man then Rick Danny's dad rushed to the door.Rick yelled to Steve then when Danny saw Steve's car in the driveway the air seemed to go out of Danny's tire as well as his hopes of the day.Then Danny's father lunged at Steve at stop him from whatever he was doing.Steve then raised his hand slowly and aimed his gin at Rick.Then fired over and over.
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