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3rd Edition

Current Events

December 8 - 16: CRMS Book Fair!!!

Don't miss out on the Book Fair that will open next Monday! There are so many interesting titles that it will be difficult to choose which one to buy. The Blood of Olympus the next book in the series The Heroes of Olympus will be available. Against the Tide, book 5 from the Spirit Animals series will also be available. Make sure you come check out the huge selection of books for your reading pleasure. Don't forget books make a great gift for Christmas!!

Science Fair

Students have begun researching their topic for the Science Fair. Remind your students to use reliable websites to gather their information. Below are some great websites to assist your students with their science fair projects.

Best site for help through out project!

This is a good site explaining the parts of a science fair project.

A web site for children to use in setting up their science fair project

A great site! It has info for parents, teachers, and students. It has project ideas, research tools, and tip sheets for all kinds of projects.

Tech Tip of the Week!!

The tech tip for this week is an incredible online drawing tool. It has my three favorites: its free, no required log in, and it provides a URL. It works on any online device and it is collaborative!! It is AWW: A Web Whiteboard! To get started go to Http:// and click on "Start drawing".

Some classroom ideas for using AWW are:

  • a scene from a story
  • the parts of a heart, volcano, flower, insect (you can add labels!)
  • a math problem
  • a self-portrait

Teachers can also collect the students drawings using a digital dropbox created from Google Form. To do this teachers will:

  1. Log in to your google account and go to your google drive.
  2. Create a form with the following (or similar) fields): Class (optional), First Name, Last Name, Project Name, Notes/Description, URL.
  3. Click the blue link at the bottom of the page to view the published form.
  4. Shorten the URL of the published form (use or another shortener) and share it with the students, or embed the form into a blog, wiki, or your webpage.

NOTE: Once the dropbox form is created, it can be used over and over again.